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October 27, 2008


Full Metal Alchemist
5 out of 5 stars

Well right now, having just watched all 51 episodes (and the film) of Full Metal Alchemist I feel supremely qualified to talk about it.  But maybe thats just me...

Still, first things first, it's an anime thingie, so I'll neatly summarise it as follows:

Art: Ok.  I know it seems like I'm merely sitting on the fence, but quite simply the artwork is just average.  Sure it's always the same quality, and it's never breached, but it's still average.  It doesn't blow your mind, but nor does it take anything away from the storyline.  Hence average.  Having said that the alchemical effects are damned good.

Storyline: Well, without giving anything away the storyline is good.  Admittedly you can often guess what is going to occur, often several episodes before it does, but it's still enjoyable.  Still I've become something of a Roy Mustang fan (a true moment of shame).  Be prepared though, the beginning is a little disjointed (it doesn't begin at the beginning) and there are a number of throwaway episodes which seemingly serve no purpose...

Character Construction: There is an obvious level of character construction in this, you definitely get a sense of a characters personlaity and can become quite attached to them.  Elric for instance is often begrudgingly moral, while Major Amrstrong loves to destroy uniforms...

Enjoyment Levels: High.  I know more information would be nice, but thats all I'm giving you.  Watch it yourself :D

Overall then it is most excellent, (something which is rare to find nowadays) and I successfully threw away 3 days of my life to watch it near non stop.  I know it's not good, but hey, FMA is damned worth it.

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