April 19, 2008

Life – A lightning

Follow-up to A thought… from Life's threads

its almost a year since I have written an entry here so I thought to drop an entry here..

I was just sitting and revising in my room for my exams and this song started playing by Tom Mcrae

I aint scared of lightning
Come on and do your worst
If they gave degrees
For cheating destiny
Then man
I got a first

No I aint scared of lightning
It's the same old empty threat
I've been standing proud
Beneath the gathering cloud
And man
I ain't dead yet
No I ain't scared of lightning
And thunder never killed
I was born in a summer storm
I live there still
Yeah I was born in a summer storm
I live there still

The lyrics are simply amazing. I dont know why I felt like blogging it here but I thought it needed a mention.

We are all born in this world and we have to live in it. Why not just make the most of it? We all crib and complaint about the petty troubles and stresses that keep haunting us in our lives. Why cant we just accept life and take it as it comes? Everyday should be treated like a new challenge and we should be excited to fight that challenge. Some of us have the tendency of being lazy and often let things walk over us while we are lying asleep. To all those people dont know what will happen to you as remember we get this life only once. So dont be scared of this lightning as it is going to be there throught your life!!!

Anyways enough about life for now.. Ill continue this saga soon.... have quite a bit to say....

May 28, 2007

A thought…

I dont know why I am doing this but sitting in my room today I decided to write my first ever blog. I dont know whether this will help kill my boredom or maybe spark a debate in the days to come. I dont really know!

I am not a very good writer myself. Scientific writing is all I know. So I like to write using logic and to the point. I dont know what exactly to write here but its just a thought of writing a blog.....

I want to write about the world, about my experiences and just about everything that has enveloped my whole life but there is this thought of invasion of privacy. I am scared but thoughtful!

In the days to come I shall discuss a thought that might be a dream or a thought that was just hanging somewhere like a thread......

Id like to see this thread grow into a beautiful fabric of words... so a thought shall never remain a thought for anyone!!!

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