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November 04, 2018


With each and every day you get to learn something new. I had a very interesting conversation with a PhD student the other night. The conversation made me realize what are the areas that I need to focus on as a person to develop a aptitude for critical thinking. The person was debating how he would regard China and India as "poor" countries and not developing countries. The reason for that was the income disparity between the people and how the few influentiual rich people just skew the chinese national income graph above the basic poverty level. First of all I was shocked about the fact and thought how can a potential superpower be called a 'poor' country , but as the discussion went forward I realized what critical thinking actually is.

This teaching is going to be of utmost importance for the rest of my life. I am going to work in the sector which is crowded by several problems. I need to review most of the problems and not be biased towards the outcome of it. Having a perception about a topic and being biased towards it hampers learning. As researchers we all need to look at the various facts and get evidence to back it up. For my further research I need to keep my patriotic feelings aside and research about the problems from a neutral perspective , keeping the emotions aside. This kind of mindset will even help all of us in the long run where we criticaly review various facts and then make our argument, this way we can ensure that we are not stopping ourselves from learning the entire year.

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