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April 10, 2007

Progress report

Remember a while ago I prepared a very detail progress report. My tutor might need me to summarise it for the review panels. Noooooo all that effort!!! I think I might just submit the complete report that tells the whole story about my research and my achievements to date. But shall see later. Maybe IF I need to (with arms twisted), I might summarise it to maybe half the volume. :) Shall see…

Back at Uni

Feeling a bit sad that the long weeked is over. Now back at uni with piles of work to attend to. One more dissertation resubmission to mark and more literatures to review for the next stage of my research. I pray for wisdom, strength, peace and joy in Jesus’ name!!!! Amen. I’ll get through the next few months with productive end to each day.

Looking forward to my cousin coming over to Cov the weekend after. Hope the weather will be lovely. We are planning to take a steam train trip (choo choo train haha) from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth. Did that in 2005. Looking forward to visit the lovely village town again!! Am sure my cousin will enjoy it as well. Bridgnorth is quite medieval with lots of charm.

But before that, I would need to complete a substantial amount of work. I pray that I would complete my planned experiment next week. Oh and I need to start on my poster for the uni poster competition. I have not started yet!!!

April 04, 2007

Intuition Conference

I’ve just submitted an extended abstract to the Intuition conference. I commit all 3 papers to God and I hope that all of them will be accepted. The 3 conferences are:

i) IPTEGVE 2007 (IEEE)

13th Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments
10th Immersive Projection Technology Workshop
July 15-18 2007, Weimar, Germany

ii) Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization
Sponsored by ACM Siggraph (ACM)

July 25-27 2007, Tubigen, Germany

iii) The 4th International INTUITION Conference
“Virtual Reality and Virtual Environments”

October 4-5 2007, Athens , Greece

Anyone interested to submit a paper to these conferences, the first 2 are already due but the 3rd one is due April 16th.

January 19, 2007


I’ve not written any specific things about my research. I believe that I have to keep it safe from public access for the time being. Enough to say that one breakthrough leads to another. By the grace of God I hope to achieve major breakthroughs soon.

Currently revamping the paper/journal that I wrote last year. I believe that it’s much better now that the argument flow is smoother. Hope to complete it by Tuesday next week. Hope to hear what Vinesh would think of it. Other things to do:

i) Extension to experiments
ii) Progress report
iii) PhD Conference (June)
iv) Progress Review (May or June)

Gosh I will be in my 3rd year come May. Scary!!!!! In Jesus’ name, I will get through it with ease!!!! Amen!

November 30, 2005

And its mid week everybody….

Follow-up to Plan for before the holiday from Counting blessings

Gosh am feeling mentally exhausted at the moment.. did my last lab demo of the yearrrr today… had to explain pointers and arrays…

Hmm looking back at my schedule… i managed to do all of them… i did the first draft of the paper…emailed to supervisor… now i wud need to revise a bit of french before my class tonite.

Thursday … i 'd need to finalise my draft and see if i can add some more information to it.

The weather is awful today.. misty, wet and dingy!!!!!

November 29, 2005

Paper 1

Completed the first draft.. well i have some rearrangements to do and some info are still missing. But I emailed this copy to Vinesh. Hope to get some feedbacks. Then I did some minor changes to the paper. I will still need to review mesh-less algorithms… but i guess enough for the day.. am exhausted!!! Well from 6 page paper it is 8 page… will need to edit later to make it more compact.. get rid of any redundancy and do more referencing throughout the paper.

Tonite, I wud need to prepare for my last c/c++ lab demo. I have to remember to submit the claim form. and my last French class tomorrow till next term. So I wud need to do all the assignments… gosh busy nite tonite!!!! i can upload the photos and paste them in my next entry…...

November 27, 2005

Technical paper

Started on the paper today… not sure if it will be good enough.. at least I did something and it does feel good hehe

Hope to complete the first draft by wed. Will email supervisor then hope to receive feedbacks by Friday or the Monday after. Hmmm hope I can meet the deadline of 17th Dec. If not there are still other conferences I can submit it to. GOD willing!!!!

November 20, 2005

Plan for week of 21/11

Paper on haptic rendering in surgical simulation

Lundi – Comparative analysis (haptic rendering methods)
Mardi – More analysis – document findings on monday, french
Mercredi – Follow up analysis and work on the visual vs haptic
Jeudi – Restropect – more analysis?
Vendredi – Visual vs haptic analysis
Samedi – Write paper draft: abstract, Intro, Concepts
Rimanche – Write on Comparative analysis

Aim by le Mecredi trente Novembre – draft ready to be emailed to supervisor

November 16, 2005

PhD…where am I at???

Have been up to nothing incredibly outstanding on the research front… Managed to rephrase my research question today as well as the intermediate questions that would somehow act as vital milestones. I'm yet to complete my comparative analysis, which will not only answer the first intermediate research question but will also act as the soul of my yet-to-materialise paper. The conference paper has to be put on hold last week. My cousin was here and we had a blast!!

Hmm God speed some inspiration!!!!!! I need some motivation and inspiration!!! I hope to come up with some substance for the paper. I've got the framework. I just need the drive… at the moment… hmmm too comfortable for my own goodddd…. Ok I promise .. next week… I ll get it done!!! If not I wont be expecting any gifts from Santa this year!! Tsk :(

October 31, 2005

Meeting with Supervisor

Praise God!!! The meeting went very well.. Vinesh is very pleased with my progress.. i feel so relieved now… He asked me to consider writing a conference paper on my findings. I will do that Nov while playing about with the hardware and software for haptics. Hmmm my planning at the moment:

1. Nov 1st – 7th
Finetuning findings – do more comparative studies (critical analysis)-documents findings and flow of ideas for paper

2. Nov 8th -11th Break (Cousin will be here)

3. Nov 12th – 13th – Create idea flow/skeleton of paper

4. Nov 14th – Dec 3rd – pilot testing (haptic h/w and s/w)

5. Dec 4th – 7th – Retrospect on findings, write on them, plan for after Dec


God willing.. all will be flowing smoothly….

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