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February 15, 2007


Extended yesterday experiments and compared againts a totally different method today. The new method introduces volume expansion and oscillations at the beginning of the simulation. But it did stabilised around a new value. If analysed against this new equilibrium value, which is larger than the original value, the error percentage is smaller than the best method yesterday. However, both methods have error percentage below 0.5% which can be considered negligible. The new method is less effective due to the need to stabilise around the new value. Therefore, the analysis would either:

i) stick to the method yesterday or
ii) assume a new stabilised value after oscillations and produce a lesser error percentage.

Will do more reading and experiments to conclude these findings. But the main hypothesis has been proven where it is possible to optimise the current mesh topology.

LOL Why do I write this vague entry… i don’t really know… hope you don’t get that glazed look like that poor foggie after you’ve read this entry haha!!!

February 14, 2007


Yeah yeah it’s Valentine’s day today… I spent the whole day with my work today… had so much fun NOT!!! Well I did have a great day actually. All glory to God!!! Managed to do all the experiments I was setting out to do. Extracted interesting statistical and visual analysis from a few combination of methods. Hope to experiment another important method tomorrow. Finished the day at 6 pm with a report on the findings. Emailed it to my supervisor. Hope to hear from him soon. My evening started out with apprendre la francais. Now back at home indulging in the Brits Awards. I love Take That’s and Corrine’s live performance. Lovely!!

All glory and thanks to God for today, in Jesus’ name!!! Amen!!!

February 12, 2007

New Week

After all the excitement of having a wintry weather last week, I’m now back into my work mode. Having read a couple of technical papers and journals these past few weeks proves to be very beneficial. I’m planning to start the second level of my experiments this week. I have extracted 3 different physical methods that I would test against my 3D model. These methods have been experimented in different settings and problem areas. I’m hoping to extract the benefits and combine them with my framework. My hyphothesis is that the behaviour of my model will be improved and optimised. Once done, I aim to experiment on the local execution rather than global in hope to evaluate the cost optimisation against visual acuity. In Jesus’ name, I believe I can complete the experiments on this particular parameter by the end of February. Not only the experiments, but also the progress report which I’m yet to do.

I know my entry today is a bit vague. It is intended to be as such. I just need to remind myself. It does have a feel good factor, I must say. Besides, my friends and family will know that I do spend quite sometimes doing my work rather than getting all excited about snow. Hehe Ok now for a funny strip from Dilbert…


February 06, 2007


I’ve been reading a few papers these past few weeks. I thank God for some useful findings and ideas I can use in my research. I pray that they will develop into great breakthroughs and new knowledge contributions. I will experiment on the second parameter of my current research. Hope to extract useful findings by end of March, so that I can include them in my progress report (which I’ve not started yet!!) What I can do now is do my best, pray, hope and have faith that God will see me through and bless me with great success!! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!!

January 19, 2007


I’ve not written any specific things about my research. I believe that I have to keep it safe from public access for the time being. Enough to say that one breakthrough leads to another. By the grace of God I hope to achieve major breakthroughs soon.

Currently revamping the paper/journal that I wrote last year. I believe that it’s much better now that the argument flow is smoother. Hope to complete it by Tuesday next week. Hope to hear what Vinesh would think of it. Other things to do:

i) Extension to experiments
ii) Progress report
iii) PhD Conference (June)
iv) Progress Review (May or June)

Gosh I will be in my 3rd year come May. Scary!!!!! In Jesus’ name, I will get through it with ease!!!! Amen!

October 30, 2006

Praise God for Monday :)

Completed my technical paper today. Well, JUST :) Emailed it to my supervisor and see what he thinks. He wants a high impact journal to send to. But shall see. I pray that it is better than just good enough for journal publication. Last resort would be conference proceedings. Ive worked on the paper since about 2 weeks ago. Glad its all done now. Will read more and improve it, maybe.

But according to my plan, I will have my reading day tomorrow (units, damping). Will sort out the resources today and see what I can achieve tomorrow. But all in God’s hands. In Jesus’ name!!!!!!!!!!!

October 26, 2006

Man Proposes Heaven Disposes


1. Thursday (26/10)
- Edit Paper – add Solution and Result section

2. Friday (27/10)
- Prepare diagrams and reproduce figures from quoted resources (refer to the prepared list)

3. Weekend – Birmingham

4. Monday (30/10)
- Complete Paper (1st Draft)
- Email Vinesh

5. Tuesday (31/10)
- Start on further work (Units, Damping, Inner, Integration)
- Reading day

6. Wednesday (01/11)
- Experiment (Unit, Damping)

4. Thursday (02/11)
- Experiment (unit, damping)

5. Friday (03/11)
- Report of findings ( formulate hyphothesis)

6. Weekend – Write on findings (Progress Report)

7. Monday (06/11)
- Reading day (Inner, Integration) – Pass Unimas prog rep form to Vinesh

8. Tuesday (07/11)
- Reading day (Inner, integration)

9. Wednesday (08/11)
- Experiment (Inner)

10. Thursday (09/11)
- Experiment (Integration)

11. Friday (10/11)
- Analyse Findings
- C++ Lab Demo (4-6)

12. Weekend – Write Progress report

13. Monday (13/11)
- Continue Experiment
- Complete all loose ends
- Seminar Tutor (6-9)

14. Tuesday (14/11)
- Continue Experiment
- Complete up to date progress report
- Seminar Tutor (6-9)

15. Wednesday (15/11)
- Email vinesh – current progress report and completed paper
- Plan for further works based on current progress

16. Thursday (16/11)
- Plan for 2007
- Read on CoG of P S
- Strategise

17. Friday (17/11)
- Complete all loose ends
- make sure everything is completed
- gather all resources for 2007 and to be used during the hol
- C++ Demo (4-6)

18th Nov 2006 till 8th Jan 2007- longggggggggg holidayyyyyyy
London – Singapore – Kuching – KL – Kuching – Singapore – London

August 17, 2006

Sub division

I did another neighbourhood extraction today based on edge data and managed to use it to distribute force. I then attempted on subdividing my mesh based on the point of interaction. It looked fine when I did it visually without any modification on my MS structure. I then modify my MS class to allow subdivision. The result looked a bit bizarre. It did subdivide but i now have holes on my mesh model. Hmmm. Shall work on it tomorrow. God willing!!!

August 16, 2006

Problem solved

Follow-up to Vector problem from Counting blessings

I used multi–dim array to implement barycentric coordinate. It worked but a bit unstable when both pulling and pushing interactions coincide. I put that aside and improved on my closest point. I extracted neighbourhood data using vectors and distribute force imposed by the interaction. Will look at sub division later to optimise mesh topology depending on the operational area. Praise God!!

August 15, 2006

Vector problem

Follow-up to Monday… another day to more breakthroughs from Counting blessings

Ive been using too many pointers pointing to class objects containing various types of vectors!!! Now I have problem referencing them when I need to access them. There seems to be no compile problem but when I touch my model, it is unable to detect the neighbourhood data. Hence, the barycentric coordinate are not calculated!! The for loop accessing the stupid vector just doesnt do what i want it to do. Anyway, Ill sleep over it and look at it again tomorrow!! All in God's time!! Ill do my best.

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