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February 07, 2007


4 out of 5 stars

I’ve caught this song on the radio many times but I didn’t know who it was. Somehow the backup vocal was very familiar. Sounds very much like Cee-Lo of Gnarls Barkley. I am right! It’s Kelis featuring Cee-Lo. Very fresh indeed… quite a transformation from Milkshake to such a poppy, easy-listening, fresh Lil’ Star. I totally love it.

November 13, 2006

Absolutely DIVINE

5 out of 5 stars

What can I say… attitude, chic, cool, fresh... absolutely worth buying! The best pop album this year I must say esp if u like a complicated, edgy and ClassySassy pop with ska, electronic and raggae influences. The vocal arrangements have the All Saints trademark all over them. Who can make ” oohh tiki tiki tiki” sounds cool. LOL

Shaznay Lewis is such a classy song writer. This album is less moody than their last 2 albums. It has a lot of funky beats and interesting vocals.

My take on the tracks:

Rock Steady 9/10

A good first single from the album. Fresh sounding. The raggae ska influences work well with the girls’ vocal arrangements. It debuts at no 3 this week which is good enough for a band who faded into obscurity for 5 years.

Chick Fit 9/10

This will be the second single planned for release. It’s a bit different from any of their previous work until you hear the tight harmony and minor-keyed chorus. Electronika Pop with attitude. It will definitely hit the top 3 at least.

On & On 7/10

This is like a follow up to Pure Shore. It’s nice and haunting but it sounds like pure shore.. which is actually more of a good thing than bad for those who love their moody take on pop.

Scar 8/10

Groovy beat with funky brass… very raggae but fresh. A big favourite to be the 3rd single.

Not Eazy 9/10

Funky and a bit retro. Shaznay’s vocal is a bit more prominent here. Fantastic!!! This should be the third single.

Hell No 7/10

This track is less outstanding but the arrangement for the chorus is quite clever IMHO. A grower.

One Me & You 8/10

This single is a reminder of when they used to work with William Orbit. Love this track. The chorus bit is cool.

Headlock 7/10

This is esp for funk rock fans. Catchy beat.

Too Nasty 8/10

Nicole sounds a bit like Gwen Stefani on this track. Another clever arrangements and crazy beats.

In It To Win 7/10

Another moody take on pop. An All Saints trademark.

Flashback 7/10

Funky and rocky.

Fundamental 6/10

A good mellow last track on the album. It gives you a final reminder of why they are such a great group.

This album is indeed a must have…an album with NO fillers deserves 5 stars!!!! BUT be warned: You won’t find any bubble gum pop on this album!!!! It’s for the serious music lover haha

November 10, 2006

Welcome back

5 out of 5 stars

Melanie Blatt commented ” It’s not a comeback, its a continuation…” Whatever you want to call it girls, its great to have you back!!! Classy, sassy and cool. This single has All Saints written all over it with a bit of ska raggae. Fantastic!!! If it doesn’t go to No 1 this week, I guess people just don’t know what they’re missin’.

I’ve had a preview of their album Studio 1. WOW! Most songs sound like nothing we have heard before esp on today’s chart… Somethin’ kind of oohh… what is that all about!!!! The album Studio 1 is filled with quality music… not those straighforward bubblegum, but songs with substance. The music and vocal arrangements are just tight and different from any other bands.

Watch out for: Chick Fit, Scar, One U and Me, Not that eazy, On and On…. well all of the songs. There is not a single filler in the album.

September 27, 2006

Justin vs Fergi vs Furtado vs Janet

Ive been listening to these fab 4 for a few days now and I’m comfortable to say that the queen of dance RnB pop, Ms Jackson (if ur nasty!!) is still sounding pretty convincing. Thou commercially I think the other 3 will do much better due to the fresh face factor that appeals to the younger generation. But I’m old school I’m more of a Mariah and Janet school of thoughts. But Janet needs to reinvent herself and keep herself up to date. Bland has been her current staple. She needs to spice her music up like her efforts in Janet, Velvet Rope and Rythm Nation.

Here are my reviews:

1. Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveSound

The title is a bit too overexagerated for an overrated collection of songs. There’s nothing futuristic or groundbreaking about his second effort. There are many songs that sound like his old hits from his fantastic Justified (His best) (thou he said that he wanted something different from his debut album). His vocal is not as good as it was in his last album. His first single from this album is quite a suprise with synthesised vocal. It’s a grower i must say. I quite like it now thou it sounds a bit like Robbie’s Rudebox. His second single, My Love reminisces Cry me a river in the beat and mood. His upcoming third single, LoveStoned is based on the same template as Rock Your Body. It sounds like one of Michael Jackson’s tracks. But I have to say I love the remix of the song at the end of the song. It’s more haunting and new compared to the original version. The rest of the songs are a bit forgetable. Losing my way and What goes around are two of my favourite tracks : the one with the most outstanding melodies. POSE is the worst filler ever!! It is actually Mariah’s Say Something with Dullness Intensity INTENSIFIED gazillion times. A bit redundant. But overall, it is a good effort to diversify outside the mainstream pop.

I shall give it: 3.5 stars out of 5

2. Fergie: The Dutchess

Ok where do I start hmmm I quote ”... such a lady but I’m dancing like a H*...” That could have easily summed it up but I have to give her credibility justice. Her vocal prowess saved her from being another hiphop wannabe. And yes the beat striked a chord.. a good one in my book. The debut single London Bridge is silly but catchy nonetheless. Her ballads are actually good. Check Finally out. The girl can sing. The rest are too Lauryn Hill.. it’s like, you expect her to sing more but she raps most of the time.. what’s that all about!! My favourite tracks: London Bridge, Finally and Big Girls don’t cry. The rest are just fillers in my book.

Sorry Fergie, I can only give you 3 stars out of 5

3. Nelly Furtado: Loose

Wow, what can I say.. a big transformation from a prolific writer to a hiphopster with silly lyrics such as promiscous girl. But I’m glad she’s not too uptight now. Love the new sound. She looks incredible as well. I have so many favourites from the album. The one that stood out for me is Doesn’t really matter. But yeah keep it up Nelly!!

Coolness: 3.5 out of 5

4. Janet Jackson: 20 years old

Janet was at her best when she was full of angst. Now she’s happy and it trancends into her music. To me her Velvet Rope was her ultimate best album. I won’t call this album her comeback as she has always been there but it’s much better than her past 2 albums. More effort has been put into the making. Thou she still murmurs in most of her songs, the harmonies are still unbelievable. I love her second single So Excited. I doubt that she will do well commercially but she’s still great in my book.

2.5 stars out of 5 She has one of the best producers as a BF but half of the album is filled with bland-ness.

I’ll review Christina and Beyonce next. Ive listened to Christina’s CD2 of her Back to Basic. Not bad. Very classy I must say and her second single HURT is very very good. Thou the bridge when the key changes sounds a bit strange! But this girl can sing! Beyonce sounds a bit angry in this new album. And she tried too hard to outdo her debut album. I prefer her more laidback and sexy Dangerously in love album.

June 13, 2006

Mario is BACK!!!!

Music front cover
Gallery (CD Single)
4 out of 5 stars

Gosh it must have been over a year since Mario left the American idol show. I was rooting for him to win and when he left the show was left dull!!!

His debut single is absolutely smooth and soulful. Written by the "So Sick" Ne–Yo, the song compliments his voice and his latino root. I so dig his vocals and the melody. I hope that he will do very well surpassing the winners of AI.. well Kelly excluded :)



May 21, 2006


Not rated

I never thought that 2006 will have another refreshing pop masterpiece after Corrine's Put the record on!! The lyric is quite clever… the tune is very different from what I've heard before. The single is not out in the UK yet i think… I heard it on the radio for the first time ever today.

Apparently this single was released in 2005 and it was unheard of. Now its back and it will chart in the top 5!!!!

Quote from

From the Label

The girl that webcast from her basement in Tooting to thousands of people across the globe now releases her debut single ‘I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair)’. Too broke to go on the road, 24 year old singer/songwriter Sandi Thom decided to set up a webcam in her South London flat and staged a three week world tour from the basement. She spread the word about the ‘21 Nights from Tooting’ tour via and her own site, inviting fans to watch the tour live on the web or in person at the very modest underground venue of her basement. Pulling in an audience of 70 on the first night, news of the gigs spread like wildfire on the internet and by the end of the ‘tour’ she had 100,000 web viewers from as far afield as Russia, the USA and Pakistan.

Drawing on a musical palette that varies from Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley through Carole King and Stevie Nicks to Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, Sandi Thom joins the dots between black and white music. The album Smile… It Confuses People seamlessly blends folk and soul strains and influences

January 13, 2006

Thank God the man of SOUL is BACK!!!!

Writing about web page

5 out of 5 stars

Gosh, Ive been a big fan of Conner since his classic Earthbound LP.. he's just fantastic.. the vocal thrills and the emotions in his songs… this new effort from him is absolutely fabulous!!! Very soulful and it features his falsettos. Its a must buy.. i bought mine off amazon but am sure you can get it from Virgin megastores under new releases. Hope that he will stay for good this time… and by the way, he's been writing for the likes of Joss Stones and Tina Turner.

You can hear the single: oughtabealaw, on this link: link

November 16, 2005

Mariah.. you go gerr!!!

4 out of 5 stars

Being a fan of the ever so clueless Mariah since her first ever album, I'm utterly happy that she makes it back to the top of her game. Being the best selling female artist in 2005 proves that in what ever situations you're in, you just have to believe that God will bring you through. She did it and it is very inspirational.

This new edition of the multi-platinum album includes 4 new unreleased songs. Don't forget about us – uses the same We belong together formula and hey, who's complaining!! Making it last shows that Mariah can still groove like her Fantasy era.

Ive bought the first release of this LP but I will get this one as well.

November 15, 2005

Madge's latest release!!!

4 out of 5 stars

Thanks to AOL..I am able to indulge in this new release from the Queen of Reinvention. If you are into her Ray of Light album, which I think her best album yet, you will love this album. The main concept is dance but some of the tracks are beautifully haunting and poppish rather than hard core dance.

If you dont fancy her first single Hung Up, dont fret. This album is quite eclectic in the Dance sort of way. I have a few favourites on this album:

1. Isaac – beautiful… absolutely haunting. Its a cross of Enigma and Frozen. And the Yemen singer featured on here is wonderful. Well done , Madge!!!

2. Push – Its like having Kylie's Fever track on the Fever album. Its totally different from the other tracks… very poppish and catchy. The chorus reminds me of Like a prayer.

3. Like it or not – my third favourite – sounds a bit like Goldfrapp + Garbage.

Some of the tracks such as Future Lovers sound like Ray of Light, Erotica and Justify My love. Get together sounds a bit like Kylie's Love at First Sight. Nice to see Madge back to her dance root.

Madge will definitely go far with this album!!!! I hope that she will release Isaac and Push.

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