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November 26, 2005

X Factor

Ooohh Excited for tonite's X Factor… We shall see if the Conway's will outstay their welcome this time.. well i love those gerrs and I hope that they will stay on… I think they are different compared to other pop gerr groups… people say they sound like strangled cats… well people said Mariah sound like one as well.. but hey these girls can sing. And they have the vurnerability that I really like… they might not be the best of singers but they can sing :)

My tonite's prediction: Chico vs Conways and the conways will stay :) It will be up to louis again!!!!!! Poor louis!! If it is someone else against the conways, the conways will go.

Anyway… my ranking so far based on the past few shows: based on the xfactor

Journey South
Conways sisters

Andy and Brenda are the best singers but they are just great singers.. they dont appeal in a commercial way. Maria has more appeal. The only ones that I think survive these sort of shows with real raw talent, vocal and x factor are Will Young and Kelly Clarkson.

November 23, 2005


I saw a fox on my way back… cool… this is the second time this year..once at my fren's backyard in Reading. Coolness!!


Our floor will be taken over by a research group for at least a year starting from 12th Dec. So we would have to move down to the 2nd floor. It would be an interesting change. We've booked our desk and all… id be away from the wud need to pack my stuffs in the container provided. Hope people wud shift it for me whilst am gone.

November 22, 2005

French…. the second last lesson of the term..tomorrow

Ok lemme see what Ive learnt so far.

Mon nom est Sylvester mais mes amis m’appellent Sly.. Je suis de kuching mais j'habite à Canley. J'étudie à l'université de Warwick. J'aime ma chambre. Ma chambre est au premier étage avec salle de bains et WC. J'aime manger aussi. Hehe je me renseigne sur la nourriture et les boissons. Je voudrais à manger des crêpes au chocolat et à boire des cidres. Yummmm. Demain, nous nous renseignons sur l'hôtel et la direction.

November 21, 2005

winter winter winter

Took some pics of my driveway and the road infront of my house… early autumn, mid autumn now late autumn/early winter…

Ah well…

Damn the weather.. such a weather that makes you feel sleepy all the time… i overslept AGAIN!!!! 1230 is not exactly a normal time for you to wake up and face the world..its already half a day wasted. Ah well… i shall work trough the rest of the day and make sure that I wake up super early tomorrow.

I will do a substantial amount of comparative analysis today. Will look at at least 3 technical papers and do the analysis. But first i'd need some grubs in my unrepleted tummy.

November 20, 2005

Plan for week of 21/11

Paper on haptic rendering in surgical simulation

Lundi – Comparative analysis (haptic rendering methods)
Mardi – More analysis – document findings on monday, french
Mercredi – Follow up analysis and work on the visual vs haptic
Jeudi – Restropect – more analysis?
Vendredi – Visual vs haptic analysis
Samedi – Write paper draft: abstract, Intro, Concepts
Rimanche – Write on Comparative analysis

Aim by le Mecredi trente Novembre – draft ready to be emailed to supervisor


I wonder what went wrong with the blog server..couldnt access for dayssss… ok here are updates on some exciting things that had happened in the past few days of silence…


BRILLIANT!!!! Better than the last movie. The only disappointment is I MISS RICHARD HARRIS!!!!!

2. X Factor

Finally Nicholas has got the boot. Even his own mentor was indecisive about whom to send home :) Dont get me wrong. I like Nicholas but he has been given so many chances to prove himself but he blew it all the time except for one of his performances. He has the X factor and love the tone of his voice..he needs more experience and a better attitude… he gets too defensive when he gets bad comments. I do hope that he will get better guidance and release a record. Am sure it will do well. And MARIA.. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!! At first I felt sorry but after reading about her endless moaning on how wrong Louie was. And YES, I love the Conways sisters..i ve heard their debut album.,.they produced it themselves and penned all the songs themselves and Gosh I love their voices.

My ranking for the nite:

Conways sisters
Journey South

Next week it could be the Conways time to go. But if they picked a very good song next week, I do hope they would stay. Chico shud be next to leave as he will definitely make it in the music business without being in the competition.

November 17, 2005

Sunlight from heaven…

This cud be the future of sunbusking in the winter…

Cant sleep

Well as a matter of fact.. I'm sleepy and I can sleep anytime but am chatting with mates from malaysia… hehe missing home… the food especially and my crazy matesss…

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