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November 30, 2005

And its mid week everybody….

Follow-up to Plan for before the holiday from Counting blessings

Gosh am feeling mentally exhausted at the moment.. did my last lab demo of the yearrrr today… had to explain pointers and arrays…

Hmm looking back at my schedule… i managed to do all of them… i did the first draft of the paper…emailed to supervisor… now i wud need to revise a bit of french before my class tonite.

Thursday … i 'd need to finalise my draft and see if i can add some more information to it.

The weather is awful today.. misty, wet and dingy!!!!!

November 29, 2005

more photosssss

Paper 1

Completed the first draft.. well i have some rearrangements to do and some info are still missing. But I emailed this copy to Vinesh. Hope to get some feedbacks. Then I did some minor changes to the paper. I will still need to review mesh-less algorithms… but i guess enough for the day.. am exhausted!!! Well from 6 page paper it is 8 page… will need to edit later to make it more compact.. get rid of any redundancy and do more referencing throughout the paper.

Tonite, I wud need to prepare for my last c/c++ lab demo. I have to remember to submit the claim form. and my last French class tomorrow till next term. So I wud need to do all the assignments… gosh busy nite tonite!!!! i can upload the photos and paste them in my next entry…...


Didnt dare to cycle to the uni this morning as there was thick ice on the pavement. So I walked but it was as difficult as my boots seemed to have needed spikes to get a good grip :) But the view was awesome…took some photos ..ill put it on here later…

Anyways..its mid afternoon now and the snow's starting to melt… but there are still some odd patches of snow.

Feeling quite inspired to do work today. I managed to add 2 more pages to my technical paper. Still reading other resources to back up my ideas. Looking good.. hmmm might get something from santa after all… has been a good boy since recently haha

November 28, 2005

Unfinished song…

Like a bird on a sunny day
feeling free and alive
I know troubles will come my way
but love is on the other side

fly away into the sky…
fly away into the sky…

The song is there but the lyrics ain't comin out.. maybe latersssss

Managed to read one technical paper today for my comparative studies… very useful… will try and see if I can fit the new information into my conference paper tomorrow…

Back at home…

The view was absolutely awesome on my way back to Canley. All white and wintry….

Take a look at the photos below… autumn to winter…


the first snow fall of the season today… cold but its nice to look at :) Ive seen snow plenty of times in my life time.. but I still love it hehe

Snow stopped for a while and now it's at it again…..

November 27, 2005

Plan for before the holiday

Sis will be here for a 2 week holiday from 9th Dec.. so Ive got to get my act together and do as much research work as possible. God willing!!!

Here are my tentative plan:

28/11 Mon : Comparative analysis (paper)
29/11 Tue : Comparative analysis (paper)
30/11 Wed : C/C++ Demo, Complete 1st draft, French
01/12 Thu : Finalise draft (email Vinesh)
02/12 Fri : Do comparative analysis on attributes
03/12 Sat : Do comparative analysis on attributes, Xfactor Final hehe
04/12 Sun : Start writing on the second comparative analysis
05/12 Mon : More analysis and writing (hopefully gets draft back from vinesh.. then if all goes well, improve and submit to conference…if not keep for other conferences or just for the final year report)
06/12 Tue : Planning for December and January, pack office for moving to IARC level 2
07/12 Wed : Research Methodology Course
08/12 Thu : Research Methodology Course, Off to London

Technical paper

Started on the paper today… not sure if it will be good enough.. at least I did something and it does feel good hehe

Hope to complete the first draft by wed. Will email supervisor then hope to receive feedbacks by Friday or the Monday after. Hmmm hope I can meet the deadline of 17th Dec. If not there are still other conferences I can submit it to. GOD willing!!!!

November 26, 2005

Conways OUT

Well its fair.. that makes mr Cowell the man.. yeah why patronise when you should be doing the right thing :)

My ranking after tonite's show:

Journey South

I believe the winner wud be either Shayne or Journey South.

Cant wait for next sat!!!

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