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October 31, 2005 – 1 pound to LONDON

Oh infor for those who are new to the UK… catch a bus from Coventry to London for only ONE pound!!! Ive been using this bus for a couple of times now..very convenient esp if u want to do a one day shopping in London. The bus leaves coventry at the bus stand infront of the transport museum…

They are going to revise the schedule for Dec onwards…. i hope that they will have more services from here to London!!! Or to anywhere else…

Its comfortable and the bus interiour is somewhat new… the journey would only take about 2 hours and 20 minutes…

creme de coco

Gosh had thai green curry for dinner.. ive put too much coconut cream in it… now am feeling seriously sleepy…. and its only 915 pm!!!

A few kids knocked on the door for 'trick or treat'-ies this evening.. nice to see them with their parents all dressed up.. well the children that is!! … its a good thing i've got sweets and chockies stocked up in my fridge haha… i've got myself indulged in an unhealthy dose of beany babies to nite as well…. oohhh they are welll lovely!!!!! Hmm just imagine a mix of thais and beany babies in my tummy…lol

Listening to Great wesite with links to online radio station… lots of the r&b station..loads of new songsss playing without any adverts…

Meeting with Supervisor

Praise God!!! The meeting went very well.. Vinesh is very pleased with my progress.. i feel so relieved now… He asked me to consider writing a conference paper on my findings. I will do that Nov while playing about with the hardware and software for haptics. Hmmm my planning at the moment:

1. Nov 1st – 7th
Finetuning findings – do more comparative studies (critical analysis)-documents findings and flow of ideas for paper

2. Nov 8th -11th Break (Cousin will be here)

3. Nov 12th – 13th – Create idea flow/skeleton of paper

4. Nov 14th – Dec 3rd – pilot testing (haptic h/w and s/w)

5. Dec 4th – 7th – Retrospect on findings, write on them, plan for after Dec


God willing.. all will be flowing smoothly….


Ive accepted a master student for my msc project topic last week. I've got a few applicants but accepted this student based on his drive and sense of commitment. The rest are excellent as well but I think they will gain more from other projects. So apart from my teaching responsibilities, I will have to supervise this new academic year.

Right… will be meeting my supervisor at 10 am..I hope and pray that he will be very happy with my progress. Hope to get words of wisdom and motivation from him today!!! God willing!!!!!!!

Ok gotta go now… its 8 minutes to…..

October 28, 2005

Get your life rated haha

Hmmmm… I'm away from home and very independent… but iw onder why my family/friends point is so lowww.. i think i like to detach myself from friends as well.. as i love my own quiet time in my own world… love life is low is very understandable.. too busy to even think about dating at the moment…. anyway the rest are ok….

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

End of the week progress…

Managed to complete most of my 3 chapters. Will need to add more reviews. Will study more surgery simulations examples and compare them in terms of the concepts, methods and technology employed and tabulate the findings… i emailed my supervisorthe first draft of the 3 chapters this afternoon. I do hope my meeting with him will go well on Monday.. then I can comfortably add to my report and somehow (thou prematurely) start on the remaining chapters. I know its only 3 months since I had my research direction and scope confirmed. But it gives me the peace of mind… i will hopefully attempt a pilot testing on the s/w and h/w in Nov. Gosh ill be away the whole of Dec.. God willing.. i'm sure i can get some work done before i indulge in my other extracurriculars hehe :)


Mariah is releasing a new video for santa coming to town song from her ever so successful Christmas Album of all timessss…

here's a shot from the vid….

October 27, 2005

Miss my room

Follow-up to Lets get WARM from Counting blessings

LOL now at work at uni..missing my room…if uve not seen how i added warm colours to my room..go to my blog…

October 26, 2005

Lets get WARM

Just moved to an ensuite room 15 minutes from uni

The weather is getting wetter… the room needs a bit of warming up.. a simple bright bedthrow does make a big change to my room…

October 24, 2005


Looking back at my previous entries on my PhD research. Gosh Ive done loads of things that ended up hitting the wall..there were times when I was so mixed up… but thank God in the beginning of August… the first ray of breakthrough shone through.. now am working on the same research direction and there are still lots to discover and explore… I wont be pasting my research reports on here anymore… intelligent rights and all… I will just comment on my progress to remind myself where Ive come from….

Oh met a few nice people from the PhD library course on Saturday.. didnt catch their names thou except for Pinky (Thai) and Rosario (Italian). If you lot see me anywhere, say hi…..

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