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July 24, 2006

Google Earth

I am well impressed with google earth. I was quite skeptical at first as Ive tried to search for my home town in Malaysia using google map and I couldn't find it. When I searched on Google Earth application, I found it and the best thing is I could actually find my house and its sooo clearrr!! Missing home now… here is the snapshop, you could see my house with the red bricky coloured roof on my super green estate. It is actually on the top of a hill. There's a parking garage near the house.

26 Kpg Semebe

July 20, 2006


It has been ages since I last wrote sumthing on here… not only that the weather is getting warmer and warmer (yesterday was 36C) and its doing my head in (literally), my work is getting more complicated as well. I can't seem to get my mass spring model working. Simulating regular particle system is easy but to simulate irregular mesh structure is so difficult. I managed to display the model based on the spring edge data. But I'm yet to master the interaction and simulation. Will need to learn the time step and how to emulate object behaviours and embedd them into the model. Ah Well… I can only hope in God to guide me!! A little progress is progress after all and am thankful for any one of those minor breakthroughs. I commit all my plans to God but let His plan be done as His plan is to prosper and not to harm. So am hopeful in Him!!!! His timing is perfect!!!

Right, I will be in London tomorrow for a research meeting. I will stay on with cuzz for the weekend.

July 07, 2006

Progress Review Meeting

The progress review went well. The discussion with the panels was very inspiring. I wish my supervisor could provide similar sort of discussion to challenge my views and findings. The panels commented that my intermediate research questions are too many. I won't have the time to answer all those complicated questions. They advised me to narrow down the scope a bit and focus on the more important ones rather than to try and tackle so many different issues. I'm happy to say that I'm taking it all in and Ive modified my research plans: questions and objectives. I now have 3 major intermediate questions to ask under the main research question. And they are now more specifically addressing the main issues that will lead to the objective of my research. I hope to hear some feedbacks from my supervisor. I shall work on the plan again and will pass the improved one to Ken and Paul.

I now have quite a good plan up until Dec 2006. I will plan for the new year in Dec depending on my progress to date. I thank God for this meeting. I need more of such meetings to keep my work in check. Supervisor will be away soon and I really need a second supervisor who would be there for me!!!

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