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June 28, 2006

Mid Week

Finally… I've got some free time to update my blog. Been busy these past few weeks. Had friends over for sun–basking weekend and gala concert. PhD work has taken most of my time. Visited Hull University Simulation and Visualisation group with my supervisor which was rather tiring. Another research visit tomorrow… it will be The University of Wales, Bangor this time. Hope to get inspired by their research works.

Had my PhD conference presentation feedback. Feedbacks are mostly positive. I would need to work more on my research work to support my research questions. At the moment, Ive been spending so much time in building the platform on which my main research will be carried out. But I guess have to work my way up and am sure I will get the knowledge contribution needed for a PhD. God willing!!!

June 21, 2006

It's not getting any better…

The more I delve into my research, the more issues I discover… the more decisions I would need to make. Frustration is the right word to describe the normal trend I would have to be complacent with… for now!!!

The implementation of mesh surface deformation is not an easy task. I'm currently attempting to understand mass spring model and I couldn't seem to embed it into my mesh data.

My options are to look at :

  • H3D and try out its spring effect api but the irregularities of the object surface make it a bit frustrating to deal with.
  • C++ with opengl +openhaptics

It would be easier if I already have the platform on which I could work on. Starting from scratch is not really practical and it is rather time consuming.

Anyway, my plans:

i) Issues I can address outside of lab

  • conversion: OBJ to X3D
  • fix surface irregularities: solid = false
  • understand and implement simple mass spring model
  • compile chainmail prog to be used in H3D

ii) Issues that need to be addressed in the lab

  • testing new models – solve irregularities
  • include haptic spring onto the haptic viewer example

iii) Theory construction

  • anatomical structure
  • tissue material properties
  • ontological structure
  • algorithms and mathematical methods

June 19, 2006

' Sarawak Laksa ' in Greenwich

I am a big fan of Malaysian food and I have been deprived from such a divine indulgence. I'm glad to announce to the whole world that my deprivation was finally sated on Saturday evening at a friend's apartment (Shooter's Hill, Greenwich). Fitri was kind enough to cook us Sarawak Laksa: vermicelli served with spicy coconut sauce and cordiments such as prawns, fried eggs, chicken and bean sprouts, and Nasi Lemak: coconut rice served with prawn chillie paste, boiled eggs and cucumber. Stuffing our faces with les cuisines de Malais is our utmost favourite pasttime. The dish shown below is the infamous Sarawak Laksa.

laksafitri s june 17th 06

June 15, 2006

Haptic holes and surface irregularities

Daniel from proposed a solution that might help me in my problem with haptic fallthrough. I can eliminate backface culling by setting solid parameter to false. This will force both sides of model to be rendered.

The x3d data I have is based on the conversion from OBJ to 3DS to X3D. Hence there might be some discrepancies that lead to the irregularities.

I am planning to write a C++ program to directly convert OBJ to X3D. In this way, I can test if the fallthrough is due to the 3DS to X3D conversion.

The OBJ dataset works fine on the haptic viewer example provided by OpenHaptics.

Next, I would need to test the chainmail node provided by Thomas Earnest on my model. H3D currently employs a simple coordinate deformer to respond to any interaction to the surface of the model. I aim to test:

  • chainmail
  • spring mass
  • FEM (maybe)

Plan for next week

Plan for 20/6 to 30/6

Tuesday (20)

  • Analyse simple deformation code
  • Document the flow
  • Get progress report form from Vinesh and hand in to Graduate office

Wednesday (21)

  • Complete deformation analysis
  • Design mesh deformation (idea construction)
  • Experiment in lab
  • Show current model to Vinesh

Thursday (22)

  • Read on Tissue demonstrator
  • JC and Eunice
  • Gala Concert

Friday (23)

  • Read on Tissue demonstrator (or papers on tissue properties)
  • Afternoon off

Saturday (24)

  • Break

Sunday (25)

  • Church
  • Edit 2 papers to submit to conference

Monday (26)

  • Appointment (Contact A)

Tuesday (27)

  • Test more deformation in lab

Wednesday (28)

  • Evaluate deformation approach
  • Read on ontology

Thursday (29)

  • Read more ontology of human anatomy

Friday (30)

  • Analyse progress
  • Scoping study meeting at 1 pm

Unity or Blasphemy

The foundation of one's belief should be based on the need for peace, joy and harmony. One's belief should focus on the positives and not the negatives. No pun intended but Unity is the best policy!

The values of today's society ought to reflect on the destined progress that goes beyond our differences and divisions based on our belief systems. The progress of the mind and attitude that accepts other people as they are, understands rather than tolerates. Isolating and imposing one's values would not bring people together but it would harbour frictions and rebelious motives.

To believe something would not mean a thing if it doesn't come from the heart. It would be foolish to pretend in order to fit in. Be true to ourselves. People can impose but at the end of the day, it will be seen as foolishness.

A shared–celebration should be about unity and not a threat to the 'holier than thou'–s. Where will it lead to… I believe that God is NOT a hateful god!

Besides, there are other pressing issues that need more attention… Focus the energy into helping others who are in great need and stop trying to fix something which has already proven to be positive.

Sorry if I've ranted quite a bit… but read the following…

Wednesday June 14, 2006

Ulamas want kongsi raya celebrations reviewed

IPOH: Ulamas attending a conference here want several practices such as the “kongsi raya” celebrations and open houses reviewed to ensure that they do not contradict Islamic laws.

Ulama Conference 2006 working committee chairman Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria said this was necessary because the National Fatwa Committee had decided that celebrating the festivals of other religions could erode the faith of Muslims and could lead to blasphemy.

“This matter (the Fatwa Committee’s decision), however, is still in the written form and has yet to be forwarded to the Government for action,” he said at the close of the conference yesterday.

The conference also came up with 22 other resolutions, which would be presented to the Sultan of Perak, state government, Federal Government and the Council of Rulers.

Harussani, who is also the Perak Mufti, said the resolutions passed included asking all state Fatwa Councils to set up their respective action committee specifically to respond to views put forward by practitioners of liberalism and pluralism, which attack the faith of Muslims.

The Government was also urged to set up a monitoring body made up of academicians and ulamas to stop the spread of liberal Islamic thinking, especially through the Internet.

“I’m also made to understand that followers of liberal Islamic thinking are waiting for this resolution so that they can draw up a new strategy to counter it,” said Harussani.

The conference also proposed that a dialogue be held involving various groups, including followers of liberal Islamic thinking and other religions, to correct misconceptions about Islam and to understand the views of the other faiths. – Bernama

Quoted from:
Your one-stop information portal:
The Star Online

June 13, 2006

Mario is BACK!!!!

Music front cover
Gallery (CD Single)
4 out of 5 stars

Gosh it must have been over a year since Mario left the American idol show. I was rooting for him to win and when he left the show was left dull!!!

His debut single is absolutely smooth and soulful. Written by the "So Sick" Ne–Yo, the song compliments his voice and his latino root. I so dig his vocals and the melody. I hope that he will do very well surpassing the winners of AI.. well Kelly excluded :)



June 12, 2006

Rain and hail…progress??

The hail storm was awesome.. big chunks of ice falling from the sky on a SUMMER afternoon. Hmmm how bizarre! But I love suprises.. so it made an awfully dull afternoon magical for a few minutes. The rain storm that came prior to the hail extravaganza reminded me of torrential rain in Malaysia. How very calming and soothing, I must say!

Spent a few hours experimenting on my deformable models.

What I did:

i. Manage to fix the problem with the index values for indexedTriangleSet
ii. Rendered the H3D X3D model of heart
iii. Rendered the inner surface of a heart on the hapticViewer example provided by openHaptics api


i. 'Haptic holes' and irregularities still exist on the indexedTriangleSet mesh. The probe kept on penetrating the surface which was utterly annoying!!!
ii. The collision method for the probe is based on point collision which I suspect to be the culprit of unrealistic probe penetration


i. openHaptics method is more stable when it comes to the mesh interaction
ii. will need to study the deformation methods based on:

  • deformable surface example from the openHaptics api
  • chainmail method from Thomas Earnest (H3D)
  • soft tissue demo report
  • other methods as described by the published materials

iii. Aim: By end of June – complete the deformable heart model with haptic spring mass (the least!!)
iv. will work on multiple surfaces or volumes in July together with anatomy and database

In Jesus' name, I pray that I'm moving towards the right direction and I will get major breakthroughs along the way. Amen!!!!

June 07, 2006

Plan for 12/6 – 15/6

Plan for 12 June to 15 June

Monday (12)
–experimenting on models
–study the nodes esp the Gaussian function
–create mind mapping of procedures

Tuesday (13)
–create algorithm for spring mass
–learn more on how to create spring between surfaces
–understand deformation techniques in detail

Wednesday (14)
–Replan for the next week

Thursday (15)
–Read on Tissue demonstrator
–Read on anatomy
–Draw ontology

Friday (16)
–Off to London
–See Friends eve

The sun is out: Good or bad?

I have mixed feelings about the good ol' sun… i sort of like it and it makes life livelier.. sort of.. but it makes every bone I have in my body lazy… I can't seem to motivate myself to work… my brain seems to be away on a long summer vacation… I think I could kick myself at the backside but how do you do it when you're listening to Corrine's smooth vocal adlibs over super–summer–cool beats lamenting how summer came like cinnamon ... so sweet ..!!

Ah well… I could do with a break… then again I've been on a break since last blooming Friday!!! What have I done to deserve another break from a break? KitKat doesn't even sate my enormous addiction to having a BREAK. Yesterday's X–Men was even a bit of a hardwork.

Feeling drowsy now… could it be the chillie corn carne I had for lunch? Or the blooming fire ball? Gosh I need to get away from this stuffy office? Or maybe in reality I want to escape from the work and responsibility that I was so eager to undertake about just over a year ago. Ah well… it's just a stage I'm going through. I will get over it.

I'll be back on track soon enough. God will see me through. I will get my backside kicked!!!

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