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April 28, 2007

Non–linear method

Attempted non-linear approach to my deformation yesterday. There are a few set of equations from different literatures that interest me:

if (elastic(x,y)>yield) plastic=plastic(x,y)+creep.elastic(x,y);


restposition= restposition+(offset*plasticity)

I assume offset is the length displacement (currentlength – restlength)

Early Saturday

C’est des huit heures tôt le matin. Il est très tôt pour moi. J’ai été invité à aider mon surveillant en jour ouvert à l’université. Je pourrais devoir démontrer sa recherche.

April 25, 2007

Mid Week

Did some work today. Discovered that my previous distribution method has a bit of a discrepancy when dealing with regular mesh. Adopted phong method to correct the distribution. Now it is much better with a slight improvement from the previous method. Now I need some facts to back up this new method. Now I have a new section to be added to my progress report.

Tomorrow, I really need to start on the non-linear method. Will study the plasticity example from H3D.

All in God’s handsss… blessed is he who makes the Lord his trust!!!!!!!!

Mutya vs The Kooks

Mutya must be the best Sugababe ever. Check out her live redition of the Kook’s NAIVE. Absolutely fresh!! She performed a few songs from her debut solo album including the latest single: Real Girl.


April 24, 2007

Time travels

Time travels and not a lot done… time is ticking away No rush… my mind confidently consoles my rising concern. Doing things MY Way is simply Doing it the Hard Way. I believe in the promise of living life to the full. What does that mean, one might ask. I believe that in order to experience the best out of life is to go through it knowing that in any situations God is there. No matter how difficult life can be or so it seems to be, letting God to take control makes it all easier. He said blessed are those who put their trust in Him. In my case, it’s tried and proven. But I admit sometimes I can be so distracted with the pressure to succeed in life that I tend to deal with issues with my own strength. Learnt the hard way many a time! I’m still learning but I know that by trusting in God, I can live life to the fullest! Enjoy the ride!

April 23, 2007

Floating little girl

Strange occurrence in the castle ground… a girl floated in the air out of nowhere haha

Bridgnorth April07 24

April 22, 2007

A Day Out in the Country…

Bridgnorth April07 19Saturday was such a great day to go out into the country. JC and I headed off to Kidderminster early in the morning to catch the first steam train. We reached Bridgnorth in less than an hour. Bridgnorth in a quaint little village town, well low and high towns. We took the funicular (Clift Rail) from the low town to the high town. The view from the high town was breathtaking.Oh and you can see the town’s very own leaning tower :)

Check the pics out: HERE

April 18, 2007


Having been away for 4 days was indeed exciting but being back at home now is comforting. After a busy 4 days, I really appreciate my quiet life on Charter Avenue. Less is more I suppose. Sitting on my bed with Desperate Housewives playing in the background is indeed surreal :) Home sweet home!! Haha

Laval April 07 11Anyway, Laval is quite a quaint little town which is completely (well , nearly…) dead after 8 pm! People were friendly, Weather was lovely. Ok I was not there for a holiday. I attended the Intuition Workgroup meeting with a research fellow working under my supervisor. My supervisor was supposed to go but he had other appointments. So it was a great opportunity for me to meet with other experts in the area of simulation and VR. The meetings were a bit long and by the time we finished, there were no public transport going into the town center. So taxi was the only option.

All in all it was great. Nothing exciting but soundly enjoyable. And I get to practice my French!!! Hurrah!!

More pics here

April 14, 2007

Grease Audition show

One word: EXCRUCIATING!!!!!!!

Then the Irish girl (Ex-Westlife Bryan’s sister) saved the show. Hurrah!

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here hurraahhhhh… the weather is absolutely fab!!! So what do you do on a wonderful day like today? Spring Cleaning of course!! HEHE

My room is absolutely immaculate now. Well, I’ll be away for 4 days from tomorrow. So it would be good to come back to a clean room. A good hot bath is in order!!!

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