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March 31, 2007

John's Birthday

John's Birthday 07 3Well, its like more than a week early but John will be away at his parents’ in Somerset for his birthday. Anyway, Jaime had promised to cook us some Mexican cuisines and he delivered! Food was absolutely fabulous… spicy to name a few. All of my mates from the office were there. All in all it was a good night.

Pics: HERE

March 30, 2007

10 Tips on how to avoid doing work

1. Update your blog every 10 minutes
2. Search for your favourite clips on youtube and watch them
3. Made eye contact with your officemates and catalyst some mindless conversation
4. Plan for your work then re-plan a couple of times until they sound perfect
5. Listen to your MP3s, close your eyes and imagine that you are on a beach in Barbados
6. Spend the rest of your free text by sending SMSs to your friends
7. Convince yourself that it’s Friday and you so need a break
8. Comment on every blog entry on warwick blog
9. Watch daytime telly and make notes of useful information on recipes, live quiz numbers, etc
10. Spell work backward (Krow) and update a wikipedia entry on what it means

OK there you go. Have fun haha

Intelligence or Perseverence?

Carrying a doctorate research is not a trivial task. One might say that a phd candidate needs to be intelligent. Maybe a certain level of intelligence is needed but another can argue that it is all up to perseverence. The strength to move forward against all sorts of uphill struggles is indeed vital. Psychological strength? Emotional? Physical? I believe that a doctorate research is not only for the cream of the crops but it is for the strong-minded, the ones with strong determination, the ones who are not easily crushed by PhD doldrums… The mental health of doctorate candidates is a bit of a taboo. I’ve heard stories of manic depression, suicidal attempts (and success!!)... the list goes on.

I strongly believe that you should have something or someone to fall back to. In my case, I believe that my faith in God really helps me to move forward in my PhD. You might have different ways to handle rough situations in your PhD and its good to share them.

As a PhD candidate to another, keep the fire burning and lets be optimistic. Life is greater than just a PhD.

March 29, 2007


I’m experiencing a bit of a friction against work today. Read one paper and now am feeling so heavily reluctant to read another one. So here I am typing this entry pretending to be doing something important. With super catchy pop songs mesmerising my ear drums and my head rocking from side to side (looking like an absolute twat), I am close to convincing myself that I do seriously deserve a break now when I hear Will Young singing “I think I better leave right now” perfectly!! I could have just walked out with my head still rocking from side to side… straight to the “Priory” that is!!!! Depressed? Nope. Lazy? A bit. Then again my only reading today was quite informative. I have some ideas on how to implement my next method for my experiment. Thank God for that. Any breakthrough is A breakthrough (innit thou). Anyways…

March 28, 2007

Joss Stone AOL

Packed with vocal thrills and awesome beat and melody, Joss couldn’t help but shine !!!!!! Forget her strange apprearance on the Brits Awards. Be a true music lover!!!!

The new LP: Introducing Joss Stone, is definitely a gem from such a strange character of 2007 :)

Catch her live here: AOL

Latest Chart position (Mid Week) on billboard:

“Joss Stone’s third album, “Introducing Joss Stone” (Virgin), enters at No. 2, moving 118,000 units, also a career best for charting and sales. Stone’s last album, 2004’s “Mind, Body & Soul” peaked at No. 11.” Billboard March 28


Right, I have been taking it easy these past 3 days. I have submitted 2 technical papers to 2 different conferences (IEEE and ACM). I pray that they will be accepted. Thank God for the inspiration!! Anyway, I have planned out the next step in my research. April and May will be absolutely jam-packed with activities (hope I’d be physically and emotionally as strong as my spirit!!) Right, my plan:

Complete first part of Topological Modification

Complete second part of Topological Modification

Finalise the framework, PhD Conference, Progress Review
Start on the case study: data collection and simulation planning

Experiment based on real data
Compare with real visual
Prayerfully: The 2 international conferences

Create reference model
Compare with real visual
Compare with research framework

Finalise Experiments
Maybe need another case study?

Start full time writing up…

I commit all this plan to God in Jesus’ name!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Thicke!!!

Aol is currently showing his live performances. Love his new single: Wanna Love You, co-produced with Pharell!!! His previous single: Lost Without You is also great. Have always been a big fan. Love his new album: The Revolution of Robin Thicke, which I have previously reviewed.

Check his absolutely fabulous live performances HERE

March 27, 2007


5 out of 5 stars

This must be one of the best singles of the year!!! Absolutely fresh and catchy with substance. Love Daniel Merriweather’s vocal on this track. I thought that Mark was the singer. Still Can’t wait for the full album: Version!

This single will be out on 2nd April! A must buy!!!”

Mark’s MySpace
Daniel’s MySpace

March 26, 2007


OK Am back from Birmingham… hurrah am not ill anymore! Had a good rest in Hagley. Must be the fresh air. Anyway, now am a bit ‘blanked out’. I’ve not really plan for the coming week. I might just need to plan for my further experiments and read a bit.

Ok now off to bed….

March 23, 2007

Bubbly Soul

4 out of 5 stars

This album is like a cross between Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill.. pure soul and clean old school funk. dare I say perfect vocal!! My favourite track is : put your hands on me. Wow!!!! Perfect soul pop for the summer. Clean simple beat with such soulful vocal.

All in all, it is a must have album this year!!!!!

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