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February 28, 2007

Je comprend un petit peu francais

Je reste chez moi ce jour. S’il ne pleut pas cet après-midi, j’irai à l’université. J’ai beaucoup de travail et ma leçon française est ce soir. Alor je suis très… très fatigué. Hier soir, je suis allé à l’église avec mes amis. Nous avons eu très bien un temps.

Is that correct???

Social Night

Cell group Scial 27Feb 07 5Oooh it’s past midnight now..well Just got back from the social at church. The young adults cell group organised a social night where we had to dress up as a person with a name that begins with the same first letter of our names. I’ve planned to go as superman… but the superman tshirt i bought from Ebay has not arrived. So I dressed up as Clark Kent with a blue coloured t shirt underneath my smart shirt… ah welll the evening was wonderful. had loads of fun… here are some of the snapshots.. don’t asked me what my friends were wearing.. it was hillarious.. my fav costume was Dan’s… He dressed up as death!!! Hahaha Talking about irony!!
Cell group Scial 27Feb 07 7Cell group Scial 27Feb 07 2Cell group Scial 27Feb 07 1

Praise God no matter what…

Monday was such a trying day. Well not really… I was just trying too hard rather than being rational about my research. My trust was actually a bit swayed towards my so called breakthrough in my method… all the fancy equations that made my research approach somewhat more believable. Been there before… i finally burnt myself out at the end of the day. I was still at peace.. thank God but it was another wake up call from God ” leave your burden to me and I give you rest…” I was too caught up in my work that I neglected my other physical and spiritual needs. Yes, I prayed for wisdom, peace and joy but instead of letting the driver take full control of the navigation, I kept on interfering. I should have just enjoyed the ride and learnt along the way. At the end of the day, I crashed and burnt!!! But thank God, He’s still faithful no matter what. And thou Monday was such a disaster, I still praise Him. And I slept well last night!!!

Morning came, I woke up with the word “force” .. I actually spoke it out and stunned myself. I was like..hey is that you God? I felt inspired. So I went back to the university. Did my experiment. Was so at peace.. did the gazillionth experiment. Didn’t really work according to my hypothesis. Then in the afternoon, I noticed a silly logic mistake I did in my program. I misplaced the very function that implements my new method!!!! I placed it at the right line and hurrah… my method produces a much better result than the classical method. The variation of the error depends on the amount of force. I can conclude that my method supports not only small deformation but also large ones as well! The classical method is better when the deformation is small. The deviation between the 2 methods is only about 0.05 – 0.5. Well, a small improvement IS an improvement. And I praise God for being faithful!! He has never failed!! If I am to build monuments of the blessings He has bestowed upon me, they would fill the whole earth :)

I still have some analysis and improvement to be done on my method. But at least I have jumped over one hurdle! God is seeing me through and He’s the pilot!!! He shall fly me through and over the storms!!!

Praise Jesus!!!

February 25, 2007


Daily Manna from the ‘Net – Sunday, February 25, 2007

And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, though for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:5-8 NIV

February 24, 2007


Oh my daysss… i’ve never worked on my research this much… from when I opened my eyes up in the morning until Dancing on Ice is now on the telly… and the scary thing is it was by choice!!!! I’m a born again geek… I used to be such a geek and now I’m back to how I was… maybe it’s a good thing. I should make full use of the sudden enthusiam, totally divine… I don’t get them all the time. Better not waste. But its bad for my health. I even dreamt of my work last night and it woke me up a few times. Gosh! And I keep on thinking that things might go wrong.. such a trial but I believe that everything is in God’s hands!! Jesus says that life will not be easy but what He promises is that He’s going to be with us through it!!! How wonderful is that???!!!!

Ok back to Dancing on Ice!!!

What a day!!!

my radialsssssPlanned to work from home today. Well i was at home the whole morning. Modified my report. God sort of inspired me to add a new section on material properties and ideas just kept on flowing. In the midst of all the ideas, it suddenly became clear to me that I was on the right track. I just need to add a new set of experiments to support my methods. I had one issue about my previous method and it was such a miracle that the solution just came up in the midst of my messing about with formulas and concepts. It’s not a foolproof method. I still get some anomalies but at least it improves the whole statistical patterns of my data and I would be able to justify the first parameter of my research with more confidence. 2 optimisations under one parameter is better than none! Praise God!!!

Went to the university late afternoon. Did some experiments but didn’t manage to do all the testings I wanted as it was close to 10 pm. Have to get out unless I wanted to be locked in. WMG is such a strange building!!! I can’t do my experiments during the weekend. Ah well, I do need a rest.

Analysed my formula and the validity of it when I got back. I have now extended the formula to consider the half a portion of the triangular prism volume. I’m not sure how it would improve the whole system. The previous formula created quite a stiff model which will of course fair better under the influence of gravity. So maybe it’s not as effective as it first seemed. However, the material properties are preserved… nearly but better than the previous results. I pray that God guides me and show me what to do.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!! God bless!!

February 23, 2007

Home bound

Bed spring 2007Ok I don’t feel like going to the university today. So here I am at home getting ready for chapter 6 of my report. I’ve listed down the items I would need to write about. I pray I’ll do a great job on it.

Anyway, my bed is welcoming spring with all shades of the rainbow… I’ll do the unicorn.. ice cream and candy soon after haha

February 22, 2007

Praise God 2

Follow-up to Praise God from Counting blessings

JesusLast night i discussed with JC and Edna about standard deviation, variance, error bar, etc. I felt so thick. Finally managed to understand the whole concept. Sometimes we just like to make a simple situation more difficult than it is. Ok, I ‘ve collected some data based on my experiments and I tried to find ways to analyse it, well in many different ways. I’ve done some straightforward descriptive statistical analysis but I thought I should be more technical… hence the stdev and variance. Edna mentioned about student T and anova… i guess my data is straightforward enough without having to deal with messy statistical analysis methods. I hope the reviewers would recommend some analysis method I can do to support my findings.

What I know is I need to start reading again. I have explained my data based on the obvious patterns and stdev, but I would need to find more information from the literature to support my conclusions. But not bad for the first draft. God has been sooo good.. (as usual). So all praise to Him!!!

I’ll look through the draft tonight and start with my chapters on further works. Will need to provide a time line to what am supposed to achieve this year. A bit overwhelming when I realise that Ive only got the the first 2 parameters explored. I hope that God will give me more wisdom to extract combined knowledge contributions from all the parameters.

How I pray that the review panel would say that my progress is good and my report is good enough for a PhD. And what I need is to just improve the write-up!!! How I pray. I believe that nothing is impossible with God!!!! In Jesus’ name, Amen!!!!!!!!!

February 21, 2007

Praise God

Thank God for the inspiration. I managed to complete the first draft of 4 chapters. At the moment it’s only 21 pages. My introduction chapter is still a bit too short. More improvement needed but at least I can start chapter 5 tomorrow. I pray for more wisdom, strength, peace and joy!!!!! This week I hope to complete the first draft of the whole report. I can update it regularly with my findings since the progress review meeting is not until May or June. I still have time to improve it. I pray for more breakthroughs and knowledge contributions!!! In Jesus’ name, Amen!!! Hurrah!!!


PoemI did more experiments today. To conclude, I have implemented 1 existing method, 2 methods based on concepts employed in other areas, 2 methods derived from the the correlation of methods. 2 methods have shown error variation of less than 0.2% which is much better than other existing methods. However, these methods are not efficient enough when they are under the influence of gravity. Most simulation doesn’t impose gravity influence, therefore the current 2 methods can be improved further. I can say that 80% of parameter 2 has been achieved. Parameter 1 has succeeded to prove the first hypothesis. But I still need to improve the method and do more experiments to evaluate my model behaviour.

Ok its time to put the experiments aside. I managed to complete the first draft of chapter 1 of my progress report today. I will start on chapter 2 after this. Gosh, its a bit overwhelming but God is on my side. I pray for wisdom, strength, peace and joy!!!! In Jesus’ name , Amen!!!!!!

*PS* : Read the poem, it’s very inspiring…

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