February 01, 2007

Is there life after death?

Is there life beyond our universe?
Yes, If you believe in E.T. :O

Is there life after love?
Yes, Cher said so. :))

Is there life in living?
Yes, if you have something to live for or if you know what is the meaning of life.

But is there life after death?

Yes, there is if you believe that God exist like I do. That’s what you call faith. People might say you wouldn’t know would you. Well faith is believing in something you can’t see, innit. I believe that Jesus died for our sins and He rose again. It is victory over death to those who believe in Him. It’s a life line in my opinion. You would either take it or not take it. It’s not forced. It’s given by grace. It’s not blinded faith. When you decide to take it, you will just know. But you would have to make a stand and get to know this life line before you say no. How can we turn away something that we have not even tasted? It is because of the general perception? I believe in being my own person and try. Glad I did. Taste and know that the Lord is good.

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  1. tom

    Not to be pernickety (well, entirely to be pernickety to be honest) but I’m pretty sure that E.T. came from within our universe. Possibly from a different galaxy – but if so the propulsion system on his spaceship must have been pretty awesome.

    01 Feb 2007, 12:25

  2. Haha well i thought extra terestrials can come from a different universe hehe Maybe I did meant to say galaxy lol Maybe there’s a different universe at the other end of the black hole? Or would that be a galaxy…..

    01 Feb 2007, 12:32

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