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January 28, 2007

Fab Shilpa

Shilpa has won Celebrity Big Brother 2007 with 63% of the vote.

After Davina made the announcement to the house, a tearful Shilpa was hugged by Jermaine, who told Shilpa before leaving: “Kindness is your strength.”

The crowd – despite an earlier comment from Davina who was clearly aghast at the crowd booing a Big Brother winner after earlier boos at the mention of Shilpa’s name – were heard to boo once more as Davina told Shilpa that the house door was unlocked.

Upon leaving the house, a mix of “Shilpa, Shilpa” chants, boos and applause were audible over the fireworks.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!” Davina said as she and Shilpa walked to the studio. “We love you Shilpa,” shouted a member of the crowd as Shilpa walked into the studio. In the studio, one person emitting boos was quickly drowned out by applause and cheers.Quoted

Shilpa won CBB this year. The way she handled such difficult situations in the house amazes me. Dignified, kind and elegant. Some people booed and it’s worrying to know that there’re some people out there who do not approve of how dignified she has been on the show. Maybe they were a bit angry at this beauty for uncovering some of their sentiments on national tv. I’m sure there are so many Jades, Jos and Danielles out there. A friend complain to me that he hoped Shilpa won’t win because of all this race issue. I guess it has striked a chord somewhere ahem But she so deserved it. She has really shone through her ordeal.

I do wish that people can be less rude at least. Too much swearing. Too much agro. It’s interesting that Gordon Brown advised Britishness to be taught in school. I don’t think you can learn it. I used to associate “class” with “being British”. Well i was naive… i guess progress in science and technology doesn’t promise the preservation of class. It’s almost embarrassing to witness how some of the younger generations in this country can be so bitterly angry all the time. For instance a teenage mother swearing at her baby while puffing cigarette smoke to the baby’s face. And still people make comments about how the developing countries are less civilised. At least family value is still preserved where respect is the most important element. I hate to think that the opposite is the impression that people would get of Britain.

I believe in understanding and not only tolerating. There must have been something wrong somewhere sometime ago. Respect must have been lost somewhere: respect for oneself, respect for others, respect for your sarrounding… Lost of religion maybe? No principle in life? No one believes in God anymore?

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