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January 08, 2007

All Saints: Studio 1

Have a listen to the snippets below!!! People don’t really give this album a chance and I’m still a bit peplexed by how badly it is doing on the UK chart. Don’t write them off before listening to their tracks. Absolutely poptastic with a lot of attitude. Raggae electronic pop hip ska.. all in one album. Fantastic!!!

My favourites: Scar, ChickFit, RockSteady, One me and u, Flashback

1. Rock Steady Listen
2. Chick Fit Listen
3. On And On Listen
4. Scar Listen
5. Not Eazy Listen
6. Hell No Listen
7. One Me And U Listen
8. Headlock Listen
9. Too Nasty Listen
10. In It To Win It Listen
11. Flashback Listen
12. Fundamental Listen

Best of 2006

Feeling a bit retrospective this afternoon. Looking back at 2006, I believe that time has passed faster than the time taken for your brain to freeze over an ice cold drink. I’ve done a lot in 2006. I’ve made new friends, I’ve been and seen places, I’ve achieved some breakthroughs in my PhD (not major ones but I’m still grateful for them) and to top it off, I spent 5 weeks in Malaysia!!!

What stand out for me in 2006:

1. My hair was shoulder length until April, when I disposed of the locks.
2. Had a couple of adventures with close mates: JC, Eunice, Edna, John and Alan.
3. All Saints came back with an outstanding LP. Constant replay on my media player.
4. Leona Lewis won the XFactor.
5. Got through to the Unit (Cov) Final of the JaXFactor (Jumpin’ Jaks). Didn’t get to compete as I was on my way back to Malaysia on that very night.
6. My unbelievable addiction to Topman’s skinny polo T shirt… and they are mostly stripy!! I can choose to look like a bumblebee or a christmas tree or even a candy stick LOL
7. My 5-week holiday in Kuching, Malaysia!!! Family and food!!!!!
8. My second trip to Amsterdam with JC and Eunice. Stranded at the airport for more than 12 hours!!!
9. Continental indulgence in London, Amsterdam and Birmingham.
10. Was in the same pub as some of the casts of Eastenders.
11. First major breakthrough in my research (Sept). Journal is in progress.
12. Football… i suddenly like the sport… how bizzare! Chealsea and Arsenal… why? don’t ask!! LOL
13. My medical checkup showed that I am such a healthy geezer!!! But I had to take the Hep vacination jabs as I was not vacinated yet then.

I guess these are all.. maybe my friends would remind me if I’ve left out some eccentric entries.

To blog or Not to blog

The new year is here… a new entry is long overdue. It’s the 8th day today!!! I guess I am still in denial that my holiday has now officially ended. What a holiday it was!!! sigh

A new year, a brand new year resolution? Less play and more work I suppose. Am praying for more blessings this year and more breakthroughs in my research. Gosh, I’m half way through my PhD. Surreal!!!! I still have loads to do but by God’s strength I shall excel!! Amen!!

Upon touching down at Heathrow on the 29th, my social calendar automatically filled up to the brim. I spent my first day back with my mate. Thanks for such a welcoming English fry-up. It was grease-licious!!! You better believe it, I shopped!!! A few hours after arrival, I charged a few TopMans on my debit card!!! I’m not a shopaholic, really! I was just a victim of the mission to keep myself awake hoping that I could recover from jetlag faster. (excuses tsk tsk tsk) However, it was a good buy. Hehe

A few friends came over from all over the world… Not! Then again Yes, one came all the way from Cardiff!!! LOL And From Newcastle came another. To top it off, my cousin who is based in Brisbane came to join the New Year’s Eve celebration in London.

New Year’s Eve dinner was fabulous. French food was indeed interesting. Their Fois grais was divine. There were 8 of us that night. Jacey, Edna, Irine, Adelyn, Fitri, Aleng, Alan and yours trully. I’ll upload the photos later. Unfortunately, we missed the fireworks as the venue was choke-a-block-ed with human beings. The tube station was even worse. I’ve never been sandwiched times 1000 by strangers before! Happy New year Everyone!!!!!!!!! Thank God noone was “too happy” to see me in all the chaos!!! LOL

Now back at uni wondering if this year would be all positive. But I am optimistic. With God on my side, I’m sure I can get through whatever life is throwing at me!! Bring it on!!!!!!

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