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November 05, 2005


Follow-up to XFACTOR from Counting blessings

Wowww i'm esctatic my 3 favouriteeeees Conways, Journey South Brenda and Maria are innnnnnnn…..

Now the break… i do hope Nicholas (the craig david i finally get his name) and chenai in bottom 2… they are not ready for such competition..they need more experience…


Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss CHICO is SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was rightttt bottom 2 are Nicholas and Chenai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yesssss Chenai will go as Nicholas has the most x factor!!!!!!!!!!!

[They are performing again….]

Nicholas has to sing one of those soul with acoustic piano or guitar… he's sooooo out of tune and flat most partss.. but he does have a nice tone thou…... but still gosh its sooo flat!!!

Now Chenai… she sounds nice with ballads but sometimess she gets too nasal… a more modern sort of songs will do her voice justice … well up to the judges now… dont really care who will stay as long as my favourite 4 are in!!! Chico might creep into my fav 5 as i think he's very entertaining!!!

[The result…]

Simon – sending home chenai
Sharon – sending home Nicholas

Louis is sending home CHENAI!!! Well her time has been up since the last few performances… she will be fine!!!


Brenda started the show with such fantastic stage presence with her powerful voice. Didnt take notice of the ones after that as they were so substandard!!! Then Chico lighted up the stage.. he has the x-factor indeed… I'm a converted and Simon is as well!!!! Then the best so far..JOURNEY SOUTH.. fantastic vocals excellent acoustic performance. Ooh and now … Maria with Your Beautiful ( the return to bedlam's singer) Not as good as last week's but still it is above average..very soulful…

[watching now…]

Ooh maria received rave reviews from the judge and simon had a go on Girls Aloud for their comment on Xfactor having no real talent… haha Girls aloud who??? EXACTLY!!!

After the break..Conway sisters and shayne…

[break …]

Oh just remembered the bedlam's singer's name – James Blunt :)

Shayne, a Mancunion lad. Precious moments…smoozinggg away Shyne boy:) Ordinary but very commercial… good looks + OK voice. Simon was trying to help Shayne but Lois is such a wanker..oopss sorry for the language :) He needs to invent his image to make it more updated!!

Oohh the conways them ….hope its going to be good!!! They were goodddd but wonder why they didnt like it… they were fantastic!!!! Hope they get through!!! :(

My ranking for the nite: Top to Bottom

Journey South
Conway Sisters
The craig david guy

My hope to be bottom 2: Chenai and Craig David guy

But i have a feeling it will be: Conways and Chenai/Chico

Bad feeling for the conwayss..i'll be back in an hour time!!

EID Lunch

Eid lunch was ok..arrived late so missed most of the Eid Malaysian Cuisines but we did enjoy ourselves :)

Gan, Naomi, Fatma and moi

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