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November 02, 2006

Less than 3 weeks to go…

Can’t wait to be on my way to London where I would spend a few days before my flight to Malaysia. But the next few weeks will be hectic. My friend raul was not happy to hear that am going home for that long… Insensitively, he said that I would not not pass my PhD if I go back… i gave him the evossss. LOL God will see me through.

Just imagine, the last week before I make myself scarce, i will have teaching duties Mon-Tuesday: 6 – 9 pm, Friday: 4-6 pm. I will have my last french lesson (well for me… i will have to miss about 2 weeks of french) I will be knackered!!! Ah well, I will have to pack early. Will leave for london the sat after. I can hardly wait!!!

I pray that I will get as many breakthroughs (major ones) in my research before I leave. At the moment, I’ve only completed 1 technical paper based on one of my findings (quite simple really but hey it’s new…) Am now working on to further optimise my 3D model. Lots of issues and experiments to deal with. So I pray that God will help me!!!!!! He always does!!!

Oh and a friend of mine is coming over to warwick for her interview. I do hope that she’ll get the job. She has completed her PhD.. well waiting for her Viva and am sure in Jesus’ name, she will pass with excellence. Will stay at a friend’s in Birm the friday before the weekend when she’s here. Will have a great time.

Gosh 1 and 1/2 years to go. In Jesus’ name I will submit my thesis by April 2008!!! With my own strength it may sound too ambitious but am sure by divine intervention, all the impossibles will be possible!!! Amen!! That’s how I got here in the first place doing a PhD… all in His will.

People might think that you are mad to believe in something that can’t be explained by science. I’m glad that you can’t explain it.. God’s ways are higher. Our wisdom is like the foolishness of God. I’ve lived through it and I’ve experienced His divine interventions, no one can say otherwise. I don’t believe in something to be a part of the norm or to belong. It comes naturally. Living a life of faith is wonderful. Maybe it’s for the weak and meek but the bible says the meeks shall rule the world. What I believe it means here is that nothing is impossible for those who put their trust and hope in God nomatter how difficult the situations are , faith and hope keep you going.. they build characters. Once your happiness is not influenced by your situations, you are in control of your own world. No one can. Being meek here is not to be weak but to admit being weak.Hence, being submissive to God and to surrender every single things in life. Let God’s will be done. In another perspective, this is being strong in God by being submissive. Living a life of faith and hope is absolutely rewarding. Less stress, less worries.. God is the best counsellor!!! Am sure friends who have gone through it will say AMEN!!!!!!!

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