August 13, 2008


Dear all,

Obviously I’ve been absent from the blog arena for a year now…. I’m now on facebook which is more social compared to compressing my inner thoughts on this blog which is probably ignored by most anyway haha so if ur me mate, add me to yer facebook… latersssssss

July 12, 2007



July 10, 2007


Would you rather solve world problem or feel that the world revolves around you? Woe to me.. woe… the Knighthood of Rushdi really ticks you off… lets go mental and kill… By the will of God … if this is what God wants, woe us all… no one is worthy… not even the self righteous holier than thousss

June 22, 2007

More workk but this weekend…

Follow-up to Praise Report from Counting blessings

Hurrah it’s Fridayy.. off to Birmingham tomorrow for a good rest at me mate’s!!! Anyway, I’ve finally completed my Intuition full paper and progress report. I’ve submitted the paper today. Praise the Lord!!!!!! I’m not sure if I should email Kevin my progress report now. Maybe I just wait till they ask for it. Yeah i think I’m ready for my review. All in God’s hands!!! In the best of hands definitely! In Jesus’ name I commit everything to God. I pray that our PhD (JC, Runnie, Fitri and I) will flow smoothly with daily major breakthroughs as well as significant knowledge discoveries and contributions!!! AMEN!!!!!

Ok tonite BB, I don’t really watch it this year but I really want Carole to go tonight but am sure half of the Uk population seems to love her. Anyway, yeah still the twins to win!!!!!! Or Channelle.

Next week? More work!! Have to start fixing the bugs with my breast modelling.. well not MY breast… MY breast MODEL. :) I’m sure God will inspire me and off I fly like a bird surfing in the air!

Ok ok its the coffee or I think i’m so excited that the weekend is here!!!! Not that I’ve not had enough break…. I’ve had too much and yeah am lovin’ it!!

June 17, 2007

Praise Report

Gosh I’ve been away from any real substantial work for nearly 2 weeks now (Amsterdam, Birmingham, Dublin, London). I’m sure I would need some time to get use to my experiment platform again! I might have changed some variables and I was silly enough not to write them down. Anyway, I am happy that my paper submitted to Intuition 07 has been accepted and I will need to submit the full paper by 7th July. I will keep it simple for this conference as I need the juicier components for my other papers. Plus I have one main chapter left for my progress report: Further Works. I will complete it tomorrow as well as the conclusion chapter. I hope to email Kevin the completed copy by end of this week for my annual review. Oh and I have to attend a writing clinic tomorrow. So I have to remind myself to print out a few copies of my paper so that the experts can review it there and then.

June 11, 2007

The Twins to win BB8

How innocence and carefree can someone be? In this case twins!!! I think they should not grow out of their pinky obsession and stay innocent with no game plan whatsoever. Entertaining indeed… well, as long as they keep their squealing a million notches down!

Sam and Amanda on Chick peas ” Why make a big fuss about food.. like chick peas.. hellooo.. weight loss…”

Sam exaggerating about Amanda falling out of bed: ” ... I sort of pushed her and she fell on my drawer and nearly died…” haha

June 07, 2007

One of the best Albums this year

4 out of 5 stars

Ok Joss Stone’s and Amy Winehouse’s albums are my favourites this year. Mutya Buena surprises me with this album. She’s got the voice and the air about her that makes her as special as these 2 divas. She has always been my favourite Sugababe and I really hope that she’s going to do very well with her debut album. Absolutely soulful with poptastic twist. With the first single being at no 2 on the singles chart, this album is set to make another record!

I love all songs but the clear stand outs are:
Real girl, Not your baby, Its not easy, Wonderful, Song for Mutya, B Boy Baby, This is not real love

Keep’em comin; Moocherrrr!!!!

June 06, 2007

PhD Conference

ProjectThe conference went considerably well. I nearly ran out of time. I shouldn’t have babbled on about the state of the art and I should have focused more on explaining my experimental findings. I hope to get encouraging reviews!! All in God’s hands!!! The questions I get were on:
i) incompressibility
ii) isotropic and anisotropic
iii) user perception

I’m so mentally exhausted now.. but I have to soldier on with my French class later!! Then back to the comfort of my own bedroom. Need to catch up with the Apprentice and BB.

Might take half a day off tomorrow and go and get myself Mutya’s new LP. Her single went up to no 2 on the chart hurrah!!!! But I would need to complete at least 80% of my progress report before I dash off to London enroute to Dublin!!

Welcome back

Amsterdam, Volendam, Hague 1Well, I flew into Coventry from Schilpol airport about 5 hours ago. It was worth the 51 pounds I spent on my air ticket. ThompsonFly was very punctual!!!

Anyway, my escapades with my sister was fantastic. Met up with my sis and hubby on Sunday at the Dam square 30 minutes after I arrived into Amsterdam. Was absolutely great to see them again. Shame my bro in law had been busy with work the whole day the following 2 days. So it was only me and sis. We completely explored Amsterdam, had a great time out in the countryside of Volendam, tasted all the different types of Cheese and disgusted by the taste of raw herring!! We went to the Hague (Den Haag) on Tuesday. A very good place to shop i must say!!! Lovely!

Anyways, i need my sleep now, I have a Phd Conference tomorrow!!!!

June 02, 2007

Mutya is a Real Talent … indeed!

5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic single. Bouncy and soulful. The remixes are fabulous as well. A big must-have this summer!!!

You can catch her unplugged performance here: Link

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