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February 11, 2005

Reading Redaing Reading…

Follow-up to Reading Week…the clue is in the title… from Sarah's ramblings

So, it's day 5 of reading week, all in all it was going very well until this morning when I decided I wouldn't actually get out of bed until 3 hours after planned. However, did spend half an hour of those three reading Crime and Punishment so was sort of working…

As for essays- Aesthetic title is chosen and detailed plan written…just need to get my butt in gear and think of two more titles for Ethics by Tuesday…however, I feel today is destined to be an unproductive day so instead of doing that I'm gonna read a bit more of C+P (p257, of 500 and only started Weds lunchtime) and the rest of the day I will, of course, just watch Debbie's dvds!!

February 08, 2005

What I'm up to…? wasting my time!!

oh the rage…

plan for today was to do a whole days work, including seeing a lecturer at 11.30 to talk about essay titles.

note to self…do not arrange to see a lecturer at 11.30.

It's the worst time ever cos it means you wont actually do anything before hand…and by the time you get home it's lunch time and then you have to do things like write on you blog and then you only really have an afternoon to do work. Said lecturer was ill anyway so when I got onto campus he wasn't even there. Spent about 45 minutes trying to find books in the libarary, got bus home, and here I am, twenty to one having done no work and too hungry and tired to summons up the motivation to start reading Kant. What I want to do is watch the aladdin trilogy all afternoon and then having a wicked time at Rev tonight.

What to do…? Place your votes now…

February 06, 2005


Tara just told me to write something about her, but instead have decided to write about adults…

I have a new-found appreciation for adults. Firstly, my parents rock. Secondly, adults do generally seem to know a lot more than I do, so thinking I will probably take the opportunity to get to know a few more of them! After all- this is a major major advantage of the chucrh! Also, they *feed * you! Today I went round for lunch at Angela and Dave's and it rocked. Thinking I should get myself a mentor…

Today has been a good day. Did explorers this morning, am feeling like I'm really getting to know the kids, plus it gives me an excuse to make stuff and put it on my wall!

Tara is cool.

January 13, 2005

Something I learnt yesterday

How amazing the Learning Grid is. If you haven't been before I would def recommend it! It's obviously not everybody's thing, but the combination of comfy chairs, food, mobile phone, the occasional brew and a bit of chatage with Michelle and KoT were a winner for me!

Also learnt yesterday how to eat with my left hand only. Also learnt to make sure the oven gloves fully cover the area of skin you are placing into the oven.

Today I learnt that if you go to the gym two weeks running you wont die.

January 02, 2005

What I've done!!

So, since the last post…there's been christmas. That was wickedy. Went to my sister and bro-in-law…aaall goood. Generally feel like I've had a very relaxing time since I've been home.

There's been New Year. Went to Chris' party- as always was muchos fun.

There's been the transportation of my belongings and person back to Cov. All good there.

What I'm thinking about for this term…

Kidz Club?? This happens on a saturday morning in coventry. Basically you pick up a load of kids and entertain them for the morning. Thinking this is gonna be a really good way to get involved in city-wide children's work and actually get into the community and do stuff etc etc. Whether I'll actually get off my bum and do it is another story.

Also, my New Years resolution was to learn a new skill and I would reeeeally love to learn sign language (and have for as long as I can remember). Think I need to do some research into this…

December 22, 2004

Today's List

Today's list consisted of:

1) reading as much as possible
2) finally doing some proper work on my website (soon to be launched!)

Today I:

1) read some more of Madame Bovary (it's quite good really)
2) went shopping
3) went to KFC

not as much reading done as possible but I did aquire a wickedy new scarf and spent a most excellent afternoon with the lovely Debbie (or as she shall now be known…Deboring) (she's not really boring…it's a play on the name Deborah…)

anyway…maybe do some website stuff tonight

check out Ian Kreeger's blog

off to London tomorrow to the Tate Gallery, how cultured am I?!?

December 21, 2004

The list

So…I didn't consciously make a list this morning, but on reflection it consisted of:

1) read as much as possible
2) pick up last of Barbados photos
3) do washing

Things I did today:

1) finished Great expectations
2) started Madame Bovary
3) picked up last of Barbados photos
4) did washing
5) made chili

I feel the day has been a success. Lesson learnt: have short lists, then you always do more.

November 03, 2004

What I did today

oh well hellooo

long time no blog

had a good day today. Managed to get up at 9 despite being majorly tired last night after rev. Decided to brave it and start my aesthetic essay now even though doesn't need to be in til week 10 and could've spent the day alternating between watching finding nemo and reading emma. Planned it this morning, went on to campus to hang out with Naomi for an hour, came back and managed to write 1800 words in an afternoon. Not bad going considering I really didn't think I knew what on earth was going on in the module. (does anyone else feel like this?!?) Think I will struggle to get to 2500, but I guess I can blag it a bit and fill it in with quotes etc.

tonight off to jon and alex's for a bonfire party-nice. feeling pretty content with my life, things are not bad at all! Very excited about engage (starts this week at westwood church-gonna be amazing, email me or for more info!) not anything particularly amazing going on in my life that needs to be reported on, but in a good place with myself, my friends, and God and that leads to a happy Sarah!

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