February 10, 2006


So, Mike and I were just making plans for Valentine's day…and I told him about the episode of friends when Monica and Chandler decide to make presents for each other and I have managed to persuade him that it would be funny for us to do the same thing…it took him a while to actually catch on to the comedy aspect of this ritual but eventually he agreed.

Now I have a problem. What to make…rules are, it has to be comedy, crap, and made of everyday household objects. Any ideas?

January 31, 2006

Heal Over…

I totally don't write on here enough, and then I do that annoying thing of only writing on here when someone reminds me and then I have to mention that that's why I'm doing it and by the time I've done that everyone's bored and no-one really cares any more…

So…the last few weeks have been…interesting…One big fat roller-coaster of emotions that has left me pretty shattered. Things that I have been thinking about are too numerous to mention, but today I am thinking about friends…The cause of my "interesting" fortnight as most of you know has been how sick Miche has been. It's interesting to me how much something that's actually happening to someone else can effect you so much. And can effect you in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual ways. I guess it just shows the immense link that you can have with someone. In the bible it says that the church is supposed to be like a body, and when one part hurts the whole body does, and I have never experienced that to be more true then over the last three weeks.

I've also been thinking about how amazing it is that I have people around me like I do. People that know when to leave me alone and when to take me down the pub for a drink. People who dont care if I'm perfectly fine one minute and crying the next. People who send me text messages that simply have a smiley face in them. They keep me going, keep me moderately normal.

Someone asked me yesterday how I was coping so well with what's going on, and I could only say one thing. God. I'm not angry with him, because although I don't understand everything, he keeps me sane, puts the right people in the right place, gives me hope that actually in the end, one way or the other, there is a happy ending to the story.

The tittle of this blog is the name of a KT Tunstall song. I've played it loads recently and it says a lot about what I feel about Miche. Weird how music does that.

December 12, 2005

Dedicated to the one and only Deb–o–rah

So, how weird is this…was just talking to Nick this morning about how I never write on my blog any more, and then this afternoon I talked to Debs on msn (a rarity nowadays-Debs-what are you doing?) and she mentioned that she looks on my blog and that I never write on there…I think you shall agree ladies and gentlemen that this is amongst the weirdest of things that can happen…

so anyways, Kempy has demanded an entry in her honour, and cos she is prob in top 5 people that I love (well…top 20 at least) I thought I'd do it…

Debbie…she's cool. She's far cooler than me and that's saying something. I dont see her enough. I blame the NHS and the ridiculous way they run shifts… suppose I shall be grateful when the time comes for me to have babies… we always joke about debs being there when i give birth but actually i'm now thinking how weird that would be…

and on that thought i shall love you and leave you

(debs-you rock, can't wait to see you, was wicked to see you in manc the other week-cheers for the drinks! buy me something sexy and french on your dirty weekend away…)

June 04, 2005

The official

There's a certain four ladies who have recently noticed the sheer volume of men who are not afraid to cheer at innocent members of the opposite sex whilst walking down the street. In order to cope with this rather inappropriate and slightly uncomfortable aspect of their lives they have turned it in to a little game. Points system below:

1 = honk (can be negotiated with size of vehicle/place eg buses count as more!)
2 = wave/stare/honk combo
3 = wave/stare/honk combo when dressed like a minger at time (cos then they're complimenting face…)
4 = builder wolf whistle
5 = builder shouting relatively derogoratory but still secretely pleasing comment
6 = nice comment (this can again be negotiated depending on what individual is wearing at time, cos if wearing mini skirt said male is probably not complimenting you eyes)
7 = non-builder member of the public shouting from a distance
8 = comment of some kind from member of same sex
9 = someone actually approaching you in the street
10 = converting said male with your stunning inner beauty

It should be clairfied that the above points may alter in exceptional circumstances (I shall be the judge) and that comments must be made by strangers in public places, rather than best mate saying you look nice tonight.

Lust Chart as it stands:

Naomi: 6,8 (I am awarding 8 points for the round of applause from random guy in car) 7,7,9,2 Total: 39
Tara: 8 (for same round of applause) 7,7,9,1 Total: 32
Sarah: 7,2,7,7,1 Total: 24
Tim: 7, 8 Total: 15
Miche 9 Total 9

It should also be emphasised that this chart will in no way be kept up to date and is therefore completely useless and a waste of a blog entry.

If you are a guy and want to enter yourself on the chart, this is possible, let me know your points!

April 30, 2005

The Lord Hath Kicked My Butt

So…I just spent ages typing a big long entry mocking Tara and her futile attempt to shame me on her blog and then went to publish it and there was an error.

So instead I'll tell you how wonderful she is and then I'll look even better.

April 09, 2005

The highs and the lows

Yesterday we went to Alton Towers in the snow. It was wicked! Thank you to all you lovely people that made the day so much fun! We rode Rita, which was sooo fast I actually couldn't breath. Def one of Top 5 days this year and would've given me loads of cool stuff to put in my new funky scrapbook had I remembered to pick up some leaflets etc…doh. Also, randomly saw Debbie's housemate Alan in a que, which was lovely. (yes, he's the one that looks like Lee from Blue…)

We left at 8am, got back at 8pm completely shattered from the rollercoasters, cold from the snow, and hungry from the…lack of food. My thinking: how can I heat my body in the quickest way possible? The genius that is Miss Emma Kemp suggested a bath. Sorted. Second question: how to fill the hole in my tummy. The genius that is Miss Chrisi Brierley suggested a Pot Noodle. Excellent. So, 20 minutes after getting in I find my self in a Bridget-Jones-like-moment of eating a sweet and sour pot noodle in the bath whilst trying to keep as much of my body surace under water to keep as warm as possible, whilst trying not to spill any into the water…It was one of those moments when it hits you actually how sad the life of a student is. Oh, the lows I have fallen to…

March 01, 2005

Songs so far…

Follow-up to My Top 5 from Sarah's ramblings

Drive Incubus
Good Riddance Greenday
Up in Arms Foo Fighters
Alive P.O.D
Absolutely (story of a girl) Nine Days
Adrienne The Calling

These are not my final 5…still composing a list!!

February 27, 2005

Daddy of a Party…

So, this weekend went home for Dad's 50th birthday party and it was actually wickedy! Enough curry to feed a small country. Spent the whole evening chatting to people my parents have known for over 25 years- one guy was with my dad when I was born. Crazy stuff. Went through loads of pictures of my mum and dad in the 70's- he was cool!! Anyway, got me to thinking about the photos I take now…and whether I'll still look at them on my 50th birthday, and who I'll still be friends with etc…

she ponders

That song…

Want to add that song…

Is by Nine Days…and you would think it's called "story of a girl" but it's actually called something else…Nick told me what it was but I've forgotton…any ideas?

February 17, 2005

My Top 5

Thought it would be cool to make a list of my Top 5 favourite songs of all time…

Now, this is not something to be taken lightly, so the way I propose to do it is to brainstorm songs I like, over a period of time, and then eventually make a shortlist of 5…

Songs songs so far:

Drive Incubus
Up in Arms Foo Fighters
Good Riddance Green Day

That'll do for now…

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