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November 10, 2004


Today had a seminar for Ethics on Kant's catagorical imperative and we discussed some interesting stuff about whether it's actually achievable. Kant doesn't seem to think is…hence his hypothetical kingdom of ends. Apparently the problem is that we live in the phenomenal world and this means our inclinations get in the way of us doing our duty. Think this is pretty accurate. It's because we live in the world that we become immoral. So, can you ever reach morality? Is it worth constructing an ethical system that you can't abide by fully?

Totally. This is an age old debate within all ethical theories, and least of all within the bible. How is that we are expected to become completely like Jesus, when we know full well that we'll never be able to reach it. If you hold that Jesus was God, and claim that complete morality is reachable, are you claiming that you'll become immortal? Surely God wouldn't allow this…And yet the bible clearly tells us we should aspire to be like Jesus. Whether you're talking about Jesus, or Kant's ethics, or Hume's, or Aristotle is it worth ever trying to become something you wont reach? Yes. What's the alternative? You strive for something you know is second best. I don't want to commit to living my life for something that is only mildly challenging…if I'm gonna aim for morality I want it to be morality in it's purest form. If I'm gonna aim for something I want it to be the best…and whether you hold this to be some metaphysical form of morality, or God, it's worth aiming for.

November 03, 2004

What I did today

oh well hellooo

long time no blog

had a good day today. Managed to get up at 9 despite being majorly tired last night after rev. Decided to brave it and start my aesthetic essay now even though doesn't need to be in til week 10 and could've spent the day alternating between watching finding nemo and reading emma. Planned it this morning, went on to campus to hang out with Naomi for an hour, came back and managed to write 1800 words in an afternoon. Not bad going considering I really didn't think I knew what on earth was going on in the module. (does anyone else feel like this?!?) Think I will struggle to get to 2500, but I guess I can blag it a bit and fill it in with quotes etc.

tonight off to jon and alex's for a bonfire party-nice. feeling pretty content with my life, things are not bad at all! Very excited about engage (starts this week at westwood church-gonna be amazing, email me or for more info!) not anything particularly amazing going on in my life that needs to be reported on, but in a good place with myself, my friends, and God and that leads to a happy Sarah!

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