June 04, 2005

The official

There's a certain four ladies who have recently noticed the sheer volume of men who are not afraid to cheer at innocent members of the opposite sex whilst walking down the street. In order to cope with this rather inappropriate and slightly uncomfortable aspect of their lives they have turned it in to a little game. Points system below:

1 = honk (can be negotiated with size of vehicle/place eg buses count as more!)
2 = wave/stare/honk combo
3 = wave/stare/honk combo when dressed like a minger at time (cos then they're complimenting face…)
4 = builder wolf whistle
5 = builder shouting relatively derogoratory but still secretely pleasing comment
6 = nice comment (this can again be negotiated depending on what individual is wearing at time, cos if wearing mini skirt said male is probably not complimenting you eyes)
7 = non-builder member of the public shouting from a distance
8 = comment of some kind from member of same sex
9 = someone actually approaching you in the street
10 = converting said male with your stunning inner beauty

It should be clairfied that the above points may alter in exceptional circumstances (I shall be the judge) and that comments must be made by strangers in public places, rather than best mate saying you look nice tonight.

Lust Chart as it stands:

Naomi: 6,8 (I am awarding 8 points for the round of applause from random guy in car) 7,7,9,2 Total: 39
Tara: 8 (for same round of applause) 7,7,9,1 Total: 32
Sarah: 7,2,7,7,1 Total: 24
Tim: 7, 8 Total: 15
Miche 9 Total 9

It should also be emphasised that this chart will in no way be kept up to date and is therefore completely useless and a waste of a blog entry.

If you are a guy and want to enter yourself on the chart, this is possible, let me know your points!

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  1. Tim

    I got shouted out by a couple of girls (imagine little britain and you get the idea of what they were like) out of their window when I was walking home from the bus station in Luton the weekend you lot started talking about this. Does that count for a 7 or a 14 or 0 because they were actually in the privacy of their own home despite me being in public?

    06 Jun 2005, 16:24

  2. Tim

    Also you should probably all get a point for the idiots at the fair (about an hour and a half after the blog entry) whistling at you as a group.

    Actually I was in that group… do I get one too?

    06 Jun 2005, 16:26

  3. He gets no points. It was in Luton. It's all relative.

    06 Jun 2005, 23:07

  4. Sore loser

    06 Jun 2005, 23:27

  5. Tim

    Guttingly I'm now losing as naomi, sarah and tara just got shouted out in a derogatory sense from a passing car right there before my very eyes.

    17 Jun 2005, 17:37

  6. I should like to claim my very well earned twenty points (negotiable) due to a humiliating (although quietly pleasing) very public recognition of the colour of my tee-shirt whiilst dancing at a certain piazza concert from two (admittedly drunk) young men. I truly think we should make this official – im thinking big chart, gold stars and a holiday-for-two prize at the end of the year. It could catch on!

    25 Jun 2005, 22:00

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha, this makes me laugh! I want Miche in on it. We got waved at by a firetruck full or firemen….and one of them was actually good looking! How many points?

    26 Jun 2005, 23:42

  8. Na- You can have 9 (not 20!) for a non-builder member of public shouting at distance, plus a couple extra cos it was sooooo public (and very funny). You can't have 10, let alone 20, as the chart clearly states that to get these points one must convert the heckler.

    TK- You and Miche get 9 points, same 7 as above plus 2 more cos of the firemen. Good work!

    I'm thinking Na is winning at the moment cos she's the only one actually bothered about counting up her points….

    27 Jun 2005, 10:31

  9. Tim

    Nay got a random guy waving INTO the pub at Chris' 21st last week. He was walkin past and he waved at Nay in the pub, how often does that happen??
    I need a wig to win this I think!

    28 Jun 2005, 22:26

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