January 31, 2006

Heal Over…

I totally don't write on here enough, and then I do that annoying thing of only writing on here when someone reminds me and then I have to mention that that's why I'm doing it and by the time I've done that everyone's bored and no-one really cares any more…

So…the last few weeks have been…interesting…One big fat roller-coaster of emotions that has left me pretty shattered. Things that I have been thinking about are too numerous to mention, but today I am thinking about friends…The cause of my "interesting" fortnight as most of you know has been how sick Miche has been. It's interesting to me how much something that's actually happening to someone else can effect you so much. And can effect you in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual ways. I guess it just shows the immense link that you can have with someone. In the bible it says that the church is supposed to be like a body, and when one part hurts the whole body does, and I have never experienced that to be more true then over the last three weeks.

I've also been thinking about how amazing it is that I have people around me like I do. People that know when to leave me alone and when to take me down the pub for a drink. People who dont care if I'm perfectly fine one minute and crying the next. People who send me text messages that simply have a smiley face in them. They keep me going, keep me moderately normal.

Someone asked me yesterday how I was coping so well with what's going on, and I could only say one thing. God. I'm not angry with him, because although I don't understand everything, he keeps me sane, puts the right people in the right place, gives me hope that actually in the end, one way or the other, there is a happy ending to the story.

The tittle of this blog is the name of a KT Tunstall song. I've played it loads recently and it says a lot about what I feel about Miche. Weird how music does that.

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  1. Hugs

    31 Jan 2006, 22:06

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