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February 17, 2005

My Top 5

Thought it would be cool to make a list of my Top 5 favourite songs of all time…

Now, this is not something to be taken lightly, so the way I propose to do it is to brainstorm songs I like, over a period of time, and then eventually make a shortlist of 5…

Songs songs so far:

Drive Incubus
Up in Arms Foo Fighters
Good Riddance Green Day

That'll do for now…


Look at them!!

(selected from a wider range…sorry they can't all go on here…just got tooo bored)

My new favourite game

yes, it even beats the 'who?' game (cos I'm rubbish at that) and Tara will probably kill me for blogging this before her…actually she might have already done that…oh well, if she has…it'll just be on two blogs!

The game: Bi-words (how many people just lost?) (cheers to TK for knowing the actual name for this)

Most people find it lame, but if you enter into the spirit it's hilarious, particularly if Mr Ian Kreeger is involved. The aim of the game: to find a word that can be split into two words that actually exist.

Again, I emphasis that it sounds lame, but I find it fun, so you should all love and accept me for the loser I am.

Words so far:

skin-head (the original)

and possibly the best one yet, provided by Mr Martin Rittman:

It is hard to convey in a blog just how much this makes me laugh…it's all in the way you say it…and half the fun is getting it wrong…no, Ian, satallite doesn't work…

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