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March 17, 2005

yay easter hols

weell, its gettin quite scary now, have finished my second term here at the fantastic university of warwick! its very strange being back at home, very quiet! i always seem to be busy at uni! im on a diet, its going relly well, i plan to lose half a stone by the end of the holidays. i dont see dave as much at home which is wierd – hes now an hour and a halfs drive away from me n to be honest i dont miss him as much here as i do at uni!
anyhoo – life goes on

March 07, 2005

hello there!

well this last week has been a bit stressful – had to have a biopsy done on my mole on tuesday – it really hurt n i felt like fainting! dave came over as usual on wednesday, and we had another big argument, its all we seem to be doing these days. we dont have the same priorities, and its all just so confusing. we went to visit the house again in the daytime, couldnt go in but we explored the neighbourhood and its really nice, the main parade is only a 15 minute walk!
the weekend was great, we went to london at about one, got a bit lost on the way – apparently dave knew where he was going!- but we got there in the end. the musical (FAME) was brilliant, i sang thru the whole thing! i didnt want it to end, and our seats were so good! afterwards we took a drive thru london, saw westminster, trafalgar square, big ben and buckingham palace! so cool i got ridiculously excited! we got lost again on the way back n were so tired we went straight to bed.
on saturday we just hung out, did some work together but dave got really stressed cos the computer wouldnt work! had a gorgeous chinese meal and saturday morning was fabulous, twice!
on sunday i wasnt feeling too bright so i relaxed and did my work, it does catch up on you!
today i have cystits. OH HORRIBLE HORRIBLENESS. i cant believe it, it hurts so bad. just wanna scream. it took me an hour nto walk to physics to hand my work in so im spending the rest of the day in bed!

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