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January 30, 2005

weekends r fab

well iv just had a really fun weekend with my boyfriend, just chillin out n relaxin afta d stress of last week. have organised a meeting with some peeps about a house – hopefully it'll all work out!

January 26, 2005

Aint uni life grand

today really want to sort the house situation out. its all so confusing! am glad tho iv found rachel to share with, she seems really nice. Have missed lectures last couple of days, feelin really rough n all i wanna do is sleep! Though am going to the school to help the disabled children this afternoon, that should be fun. so far we'v been helping them organise their young enterprise stall and make their products! think i want to do something like this in the future, along with my physics career of course! talking bout physics, spent most of last night trying to finish off my formal lab report – im busy every othr night til i have to hand it in! typical me leaving it to the last minute. Didnt help when my next door neighbour was playing dance music at full blast! oh well, more soon xx

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