March 17, 2005

yay easter hols

weell, its gettin quite scary now, have finished my second term here at the fantastic university of warwick! its very strange being back at home, very quiet! i always seem to be busy at uni! im on a diet, its going relly well, i plan to lose half a stone by the end of the holidays. i dont see dave as much at home which is wierd – hes now an hour and a halfs drive away from me n to be honest i dont miss him as much here as i do at uni!
anyhoo – life goes on

March 07, 2005

hello there!

well this last week has been a bit stressful – had to have a biopsy done on my mole on tuesday – it really hurt n i felt like fainting! dave came over as usual on wednesday, and we had another big argument, its all we seem to be doing these days. we dont have the same priorities, and its all just so confusing. we went to visit the house again in the daytime, couldnt go in but we explored the neighbourhood and its really nice, the main parade is only a 15 minute walk!
the weekend was great, we went to london at about one, got a bit lost on the way – apparently dave knew where he was going!- but we got there in the end. the musical (FAME) was brilliant, i sang thru the whole thing! i didnt want it to end, and our seats were so good! afterwards we took a drive thru london, saw westminster, trafalgar square, big ben and buckingham palace! so cool i got ridiculously excited! we got lost again on the way back n were so tired we went straight to bed.
on saturday we just hung out, did some work together but dave got really stressed cos the computer wouldnt work! had a gorgeous chinese meal and saturday morning was fabulous, twice!
on sunday i wasnt feeling too bright so i relaxed and did my work, it does catch up on you!
today i have cystits. OH HORRIBLE HORRIBLENESS. i cant believe it, it hurts so bad. just wanna scream. it took me an hour nto walk to physics to hand my work in so im spending the rest of the day in bed!

February 28, 2005

Hello. hello!

well its been an excting week – i found out i've got shingles again (ugh horrible) and so went to very few lectures last week. it made me so so tired. i've also got a mole on my arm that the doctor wants to do a biopsy on so im quite worried about that! its very nerve racking!
I didnt go to the new rootes ball – my friends werent going and it al seemed a bit xpensive, especially since im going to london next weekend.
At the weekend, me and dave went to the bham science musuem – it so sooo good, obv for kiddies but we had fun wit all d interactive stuff! at the end there was a special exhibit – 'eating creepy crawlies' and dave did! he ate a crispy fried meal worm – GROCE! ugh i wouldnt kiss him after.
sat night we just relaxed as i was feeling ill again.
Om sunday, went to see a house in leam with rachel and OMG its soo nice. we got the contracts straight away! its even got a games room – its amazing. my room is bigger than my warwick one! its so spacious – even though its in leam, but we're both taking cars n theres off-road parking. it def ticks all the boxes for me! am happy, yay! :)

February 20, 2005


well, again its been ages since i've written, and again i've been rushed off my feet! monday was valentines day – i got up at half seven, walked to tescos, then cooked a lovely 3-course meal for dave. it was quite fun really! We had a lovely day together, was fab. not much happened til thurs, when my sister and her mate came to stay!
I took them to a lecture – niki fell asleep! then i took em to colly, after having some drinks at halls. they loved it – danced the night even an even got pinched on the bottom a coupla times! we got back at half two, n they didnt wanna go to bed til two hours later! took em to brummieland on friday, to go shopping, then we went to metamorphisis on friday eve. the music was crap wi a capital C, but we stayed for a coupla hours!
put them on the train on sat morn, then headed to daves as it was our 2 year (OMG!!!) anniversary. was v.strange. didnt really do anything exciting til today (yay cadbury world!) where we got loadsa free chocolate! twas great. has staying at mine tonight so its been a busy coupla days!
forgot to say, me n rach r joining the windsurfin team! cool, eh?!

February 13, 2005

busy, busy, busy

have been up to so much since i last wrote, i went home for the night on thursday 10th feb cos it was my mums birthday on the 11th. we went out for lunch together, she was really glad to see me!
i then went to daves on friday, just chillled then went to the NFG gig – it was brilliant, even though i fainted half way through! bought a really cool hoodie.
well, the housing situation is still indefinate, it was reading week last week so most ppl went home, hopefully we'll get it sorted soon.
work is getting harder and harder. soon i wont even try answering the weekly questions as i know i cant do them. poor me.
tis valentines day tomoro, yay! :) xxx

February 06, 2005

weekend away

went to daves on friday, was really fun. we had a gorgeous chinese meal an just chilled out away from uni. came back on sat to find most of the hall away – twas really quiet! today have not yet got out of my pjamas – how lazy am i!! really need to go shopping – have no food. just ate up the last of my frozen lasagne! xx

February 03, 2005

the weeks go on

and so it was… on a terrible thursday, that sarah did feel unspeakably ill!its horrible! at least i dint have labs tomorrow. had a bad argument with my dave today, i love him but sometimes he just wants to please too many ppl n ends up forgettin about how i feel. im so tired, ugh. was gonna go to colly but feel too sad n ill. this weeks been ok -the school trip was really good on wed n i got my lab report finished on time! yay :) have discovered the joys of 24 on dc++ as well – its very addictive! xxx

January 30, 2005

weekends r fab

well iv just had a really fun weekend with my boyfriend, just chillin out n relaxin afta d stress of last week. have organised a meeting with some peeps about a house – hopefully it'll all work out!

January 26, 2005

Aint uni life grand

today really want to sort the house situation out. its all so confusing! am glad tho iv found rachel to share with, she seems really nice. Have missed lectures last couple of days, feelin really rough n all i wanna do is sleep! Though am going to the school to help the disabled children this afternoon, that should be fun. so far we'v been helping them organise their young enterprise stall and make their products! think i want to do something like this in the future, along with my physics career of course! talking bout physics, spent most of last night trying to finish off my formal lab report – im busy every othr night til i have to hand it in! typical me leaving it to the last minute. Didnt help when my next door neighbour was playing dance music at full blast! oh well, more soon xx

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