September 16, 2004

set task:

How I learn taught material.

A mixture of initial indepth research in what i take a liking to, and a great deal of superficial pre- exam learning by rote for factual material:

Generally I try to print off lecture notes prior to a lecture, then annotate them as much as I can with the extra info that the lecturer says to bulk it out so when i look back over them, the diagrams have a context and the bullet points make more sense.

I try to go over notes I take the same day as it is never the same a day, week or month later. I rewrite my scribblings into coherent sentances so everything makes sense and has a logical structure.

If i don't understand exactly where some points fit or a don't get a concept I will look it up otherwise when I revising for exams and looking over the material i don't remember it well and tend to pass on it as its too late and that makes me panic and worry that that area will be tested.

I guess if I'm honest I have depended alot on rather superficail learning prior to exams so I can walk in there thinking 'I've just looked at that so I can write something about it'- this has worked for me very often even though 'night-before' or even 'on the morning' cramming isn't supposed to work I have done well on this, though ask me the following week what i wrote in the essay and the informations gone.

The subjects that strongly took my interest and i had read aound and got a thorough grasp of during the lecture time got my best marks though so I know this should be my prefered method.

September 14, 2004

first day

First entry, always going to be bad, but here goes…

First day of intro week was long but interesting and good fun. Having met some really lovely people the previous night at the BBQ, the nerves were lower than expected, especially when a number of familiar, smiling faces were around.

Everyone was very helpful and kind. There was no sighing or tut tuting for not having been able to enrol prior to arrival, so what could have been an 'oh no' moment was fine, just a wait on the uni card… roll on wednesday, I want to see how hideous I look in the picture I'll have to carry with me for the next 4years

A new white coat and free goodies were next, and then came the digging of hands into the deepest regions of my pockets to sign up and pay for a number of things. Depressing for the bank balance but not unexpected, besides any excuse to get dressed up, have a drink or three and a lots of food is always good.

The introductions after lunch were very good. The welcome was warm and made me feel like I had found a real challege but also a home. The staff don't beat around the bush or do much arm waving. I got a strong feeling that so long as I did all I could to work to get this right, everyone would be right behind me and no problem had to be faced alone.

Some of the presentations on 'What being a docotr means to me' were excellent, very funny and thoughtfully presented.

At first, the introduction to the concept of 'blogging' was rather daunting- i had to design a web site for my last degree and I hated it! This, however does not involve the horrid 'html' nonsense that I so despised, i can just tap away endlessly… like now… this is turning into a 'dear diary' so I should return to the point.

I thought the day was great, if a little long. An hour less or an hour extra prior to the social would have been good. but it really helped sink in that I was here. Here for the long haul. It was not going to easy but the rewards could be endless. -It also helped that the 'mums and dads' were all happy cheerful people a year down the line, so it can't be all bad!

And so ends the rant

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