October 07, 2008

Kind of last minute, neh?

Yeah, so I finally finished my poem (or at last became happy with a previous draft, should I say) for Modes of Writing. I'm no good at poetry and making it have deep, meaningful comments about the world, only about my personal life. Which I'm certain is acceptable. I'm just not very confident on the poetry front.

Anyway, yes:

You will never know all;

I keep it all tight

Behind my great wall.

But you do not care.

There's but one thing to know;

In the end it will be alright.

Oh, and my two random lines were:  With glass and walls and windows   ;   Of my mother what she wants

I do have a reasoning for getting where I did, though I think my poem became very ironic in the end version. In my earlier drafts I had intended for it to truly mean how much my mother wants to protect me and make me happy, but I gradually realised that a lot of what she thinks is my happiness is just a front, and she doesn't really know everything about me. When she sees my troubles, or when anyone sees my troubles, a lot of what comes out is 'in the end it will be alright'. Very useful. Thanks. But then again, I think because I do not explain my troubles properly, or seem to brush them off as I explain them, people maybe don't think I'm as affected as I am. I find it hard to tell the whole truth, particularly to my parents, as I do not want them to react badly to what I tell them. I know I will have to eventually, but it's hard. It is, I guess, something I can only work through by myself.


I just made this a diary entry, didn't I?

Well, I was explaining my poem and giving a follow-up. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


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  1. I quite liked that poem, very accessible, and with the added bonus of a bit of rhyme to spice things up!

    As for going into diary like entries I believe it can be forgiven just this once. ;) Because it was directly related to your writing, and informs us about it to a deeper level than we might have understood it before.

    07 Oct 2008, 21:32

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