October 01, 2008

First Blog

Well, here we go. Have been informed by David Morley that it is a good idea to make a blog, and so I have done so at his bidding, even if at the moment I find it a bit superfluous seeing as I have nothing yet to write 8D

I have only one project in the works at the moment, which is my current novel, which I have been working on... oh, say a year. Not got very much actual writing done (apart from background stuff that won't appear in the end result) as I have mostly done research on what I want this to be like. Sounding kind of interesting? In most likelihood it won't appeal to most people who will read this. It is a fantasy novel, which I am very proud of, and dreamt up, quite literally. I'm still working on how I wish to present it, whether I want it to be darker and show more modern problems affecting those in a typically renaissance lifestyle, or if I want to keep it simpler and more naive.

Other than this... I just have scraps, a doodle's equivalent of writing. I find little gems, but rarely follow them up, as I am quickly taken by another idea. I do need to learn to focus more.

Must not make this like a diary.

Enough rambling.

I hate diaries.


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  1. I think you’d be surprised. Most of the people on our course seem to have some sort of interest in fantasy (which is blatantly an awesome thing).

    01 Oct 2008, 18:49

  2. George Ttoouli

    Heck, why not post up a few stolen items from your favourite books/writers? Always beats doing any writing of your own (or so I’ve somehow come to believe).

    01 Oct 2008, 19:13

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