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October 19, 2005


Would you feel more lonely surrounded by people you don't know in a huge city or in a tiny village community miles from anywhere else? Is this feeling entirely dependent on your background or your personality and do you think you'll ever change your mind?

October 12, 2005


Gav has an entry on his blog entitled 'Shiny, happy people'. Consequently, a few times over the last day or so I've sung maybe only the first line of the corresponding song to myself. Vib, a postgraduate student in my lab, was sitting in the office just now having not seen me for at least 2 hours and randomly started singing the same song for no relevant reason. Has my (haha – check my grammar there, Tommy!) singing of the song got it stuck in her head too? Do things like that depend on our personality or are we all ingrained to do it to an equal extent?

October 11, 2005

Feelings and how they change

Isn't it odd how you can go from meaning the world to someone to being completely insignificant in such an incredibly short time? Where do those feelings go? And can you actively control what happens to them or are you a victim of your own subconscious?

September 16, 2005

All these quiz things

Whilst I, of course, take the results given by these 10-minute online personality quizzes with a rather large bagful of salt they nevertheless do sometimes bring up some pertinent questions, made especially difficult due to the fact that you are only allowed to answer true or false. For example:

Do you see people who get taken advantage of as being weak and deserving of being used?

Do you think science and logic represent the pinnacle of human understanding?

Do you believe it is your right to indulge yourself with every last dollar you earn?

Do you consider living a virtuous life to be one of your top goals?

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Would you sooner go without sex than go without good-tasting food?

Think about some of the sinful or wrong things you've done in the past. Do you foresee yourself continuing to do these things?

Rich men and women deserve every penny and should spend or save their wealth as they wish.

July 29, 2005

The psychology of habit

Having a long conversation with my lovely boyfriend last night, we stumbled upon a subject neither of us know much about, but that we seem to disagree on.

Are the things you do on a daily basis stimulated purely by habit or by a conscious recognition of the reason behind them? Justin used the example of brushing your teeth. He argued that the action is entirely stimulated by your ingrained habit of having performed it repeatedly for years upon years. I would be inclined to disagree and suggest that it is in part a result of you consciously recognising that you haven't cleaned your teeth. But I really don't know. Hmmm

May 26, 2005


Affirmations: 'Positive statements that can be used to change the way you think about yourself and your health. Since the unconscious cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined idea, it responds to whatever suggestions you give it, eventually helping to create the reality that matches your most predominant beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts. By repeating positive affirmations each time a negative, self-defeating thought comes to mind, you can retrain your mind and learn to feel more confident, as well as improve your overall health. Over time, old, limited thoughts and mental patterns that contributed to anxiety, depression'

Now I've always been pretty sceptical about affirmations as I thought they were far too Americanised, contrived and, well, silly!

However, having had a pretty crappy few days on the revision front I decided, yesterday morning, to give it a go! So at 8 am sharp I stood in front of my mirror and told myself repeatedly (in an emphatic but subdued voice, in attempt to maintain the sane image my housemates seem to have of me!) that I was going to be successful and achieve all the tasks I had set out for myself.

Yesterday I did indeed manage to achieve all the things I set out to do, and today I almost did the same! A miracle, it seems! So, it seems, my scepticism was unjustified.

However, surely if I was sceptical and was intending to pass off affirmations as self-help mumbo-jumbo, wouldn't my mind have stopped me from fulfilling the tasks I had to do in order to justify my opinion? Or am I now just so scared about the exams that I was using this as a last resort and secretly wanted it to work to give me a way of motivating myself?!

Does anyone else out there use such motivational tactics?

April 15, 2005

Why do we wish our lives away?

Ok, so having been completely put off by the thought of careers and jobs and other evil things, I feel the need to lose myself in the world of blogs!

One thing that has struck me as a complete shame recently is how we wish away our time on this earth with stopping to savour it as we go by.

Is it not ironic, and really quite sad, that we spend most of our childhood and teenage years wanting to be older so that we can do the next exciting thing, and then as soon as our mid twenties hit we get worried about getting old and wish we were younger again? Why don't we spend more time enjoying the here and now.

I do it all the time: at the moment I'm wishing away the next 9 weeks as I want to have the exams out of the way and be immediately enjoying WSAF and looking forward to music tours. But according to several of my friends, 21 is the best age to be, and in precisely 10 weeks and 6 days I will turn 22, probably having not even noticed that I was wasting some of the most precious times of my life.

It's so hard to take your nose off the grindstone and step back and enjoy life.

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