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May 30, 2005

The gym

The most annoying people at the gym:

The muscle-bound men with the Golds Gym weightlifting belts and gloves that seem to have the hugest muscles despite the fact that all they ever seem to do is stand around and chat.

The perfectly-preened (usually blonde, I'm ashamed to say) girls who look better when they leave the gym that I do just after I've spent an hour getting ready in the morning.

The silliest people at the gym:

The men that aren't quite as muscle-bound as some of the others but feel they have to make themselves look better by changing the weight pin up when they FINISH to a heavier weight. I make it my personal mission to catch their eye as they do it to make them feel really silly!

May 27, 2005


Yeay – it's been such a beautiful day! Summer has come at last!

I love that field of oilseed rape on the lefthand side of Stoneleigh Road on the way to campus – it's so stunningly yellow and with the bright blue sky behind it it always makes me smile in the mornings!

May 26, 2005


Affirmations: 'Positive statements that can be used to change the way you think about yourself and your health. Since the unconscious cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined idea, it responds to whatever suggestions you give it, eventually helping to create the reality that matches your most predominant beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts. By repeating positive affirmations each time a negative, self-defeating thought comes to mind, you can retrain your mind and learn to feel more confident, as well as improve your overall health. Over time, old, limited thoughts and mental patterns that contributed to anxiety, depression'

Now I've always been pretty sceptical about affirmations as I thought they were far too Americanised, contrived and, well, silly!

However, having had a pretty crappy few days on the revision front I decided, yesterday morning, to give it a go! So at 8 am sharp I stood in front of my mirror and told myself repeatedly (in an emphatic but subdued voice, in attempt to maintain the sane image my housemates seem to have of me!) that I was going to be successful and achieve all the tasks I had set out for myself.

Yesterday I did indeed manage to achieve all the things I set out to do, and today I almost did the same! A miracle, it seems! So, it seems, my scepticism was unjustified.

However, surely if I was sceptical and was intending to pass off affirmations as self-help mumbo-jumbo, wouldn't my mind have stopped me from fulfilling the tasks I had to do in order to justify my opinion? Or am I now just so scared about the exams that I was using this as a last resort and secretly wanted it to work to give me a way of motivating myself?!

Does anyone else out there use such motivational tactics?

May 22, 2005


Several times over the last few weeks I have wandered out of the library for a relaxing break only to be bombarded by a wall of smoke outside the entrance. The same happens if you venture anywhere hear Rococos during the daytime or enter any licensed establishment.

Now, it seems to me that by allowing smoking in most public places (certainly most pubs, clubs and bars) you are pandering to a small minority and ignoring the very real concerns of the vast majority. As a singer I am all too aware of the damage a smoky atmosphere will do to my voice, and I resent that fact that I am forced to endure such an atmosphere if I want to have a social life. Many of my friends seem to share the same view.

Most smokers I know wish they could give up and rue the day they lit their first cigarette. And of those who do genuinely enjoy it as a pastime, how many will come to regret it when their health deteriorates later in life? So why isn't something done about it? I share the concerns of a many that such changes do begin to verge on hindering personal choice, but when it's something as obviously harmful as smoking where's the problem?

May 21, 2005


I love my friends!

Have just been chatting to Zoe and Tom on MSN and just realised that I just love the company of my friends so much. Everyone's been absolutely amazing to me recently, particularly over the last 2 weeks when I've most needed it, and I feel really special.

Thanks to you all.

And YEAY - Figaro is going to be truly great!!!

Abi Titmuss


I watched the documentary about Abi Titmuss with the lovely Lorna and Jon last night. However, I really can't decide whether I admire her for making the most out of the situations life presented her with or resent her for achieving fame and fortune on the back of… well nothing really.


May 19, 2005

Mini library–based rant

I promise I won't rant for long, but it has been driving me slightly crazy that everyone seems so be so impolite at the moment. Now I know everyone is stressed due to the impending doom of exams, but is it really that difficult to be couteous to fellow human being when pottering about the little world of ours? Several times in the library people have stepped aside to let me pass and I've duly thanked them, but over the last few days I don't seem to have received similar thanks from others. Even a little smile would do, but no! Am I being unreasonable?

And don't even get me started on the people who have normal-volume conversations and don't seem to notice all the evils people around them are directing at them. Grrr!

May 17, 2005

The glow–bug

This silly rhyme always makes me laugh –

I want to be a glow-bug
'Cause a glow-bug's never glum
How can you be grumpy
When the sun shines out your bum?!

May 08, 2005


It suddenly sunk in today how near we are to the end of the academic year, largely due to a conversation with Lorna yesterday.

It's quite scary how accustomed we get to the landscape being contant, to the people we know just being there and being the same. Uni is so wierd because we make great friends only to lose them a few years later. I have got used to my little coccoon of people and I love it. And in a very few weeks everything will have changed and there will be a big shift and we'll learn to adapt to the absence of so many. And I don't like it.

Are we supposed to get used to people coming in and out of our lives so frequently? Is it going to feel this crappy every time?

Music Centre Petition

Do you repeatedly queue in the music centre for a practice room? Does your society have problems finding enough space to meet their needs? You're probably not alone.

We think that everyone who uses the MC would acknowledge that it is far too small. It remains the same size as it was 20 years ago, despite the vast increase in student activity. There are over 100 students registered with the music centre per available practice room, and only a single rehearsal room, the Ensemble Room, which is fully booked virtually every week.

For some time Paul has been in negotiations with the university in the hope of acquiring part of Senate House for music centre use, however the university are currently stalling on this issue. We believe that this is a chance for us students to show how much we care about this music centre. If enough of us petition the university it could make a real difference towards gaining the space we require. To that end, we have drafted a petition, and are looking for as many signatories as possible.

We will be bringing the petition around as many rehearsals as possible for the next couple of weeks. It will also be available in the music centre office throughout each day. Please do your bit to help give this music centre the space it deserves, and take a moment to sign the petition.

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