November 16, 2005


I miss having a proper home to come home to. I miss having my family there who I have an easy relationship with no matter what.

I don't spend enough time in my flat at uni to maintain constant relationships with my flatmates and thus the place seems quite empty to me when Justin's not here (which is, of course, most of the time :-( ). But leading a busy life like I do means that this situation is unlikely to change for at least a few years, particularly if I want to move around and work/train. But will I, at some point, decide that I do in fact value having a home to come back to more than whatever else I might be doing at the time? And what will I then be able to do about it?

There was a time, up until a few months ago, when I never thought I'd think about changing my plans to feel more at home. I thought of Leam as home rather than the town my parents live in and never gave it a second thought. But recently I've realised that neither this year or last have I actually felt really comfortable in the houses I've lived in, and probably not even in first year because even then I was being criticised for not having any free time to spend with my housemates and was feelilng incredibly claustrophobic being cooped up on campus. But I thought at the time that I was happy in each situation.

What do I really value the most? And will that change?

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  1. Well, speaking as one who has left uni and gone back 'home', it's a tricky issue. I was never particularly close to the people I lived with at uni, but they were nice enough, and I came and went as I pleased. Home is wierd. Everything's kind of the same (being the youngest I'm used to being there without any siblings) but not, because I've had my taste of independence and looking after myself.

    I would say home is when you own your own house. It's yours to paint as you chose, you're paying money into it, and it's yours to come home to. I think it's also somewhere where you can relax and be happy in your personal space :)

    16 Nov 2005, 14:19

  2. Gloria + Amy

    Heeeeeeeeey! We miss you toooo!!!!
    We understand you're working and come home late and are tired- we feel the same! We really miss you though! Please dont think you are alone! Do come to sit with us when you have time so we can catch up, even if its not everyday! Everyone has different timetables and the last thing we'd want to do is have a house in which we dont feel comfortable to come home to!

    lots and lots of hugs

    17 Nov 2005, 09:37

  3. :-)

    17 Nov 2005, 10:21

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