January 04, 2006

Biscuits: which should you dunk?

Follow-up to Tea: a very important debate from Musings of a blonde

As Rich suggested in a comment on my last entry, the dunking of biscuits in tea is also a hard-fought subject.

So what are your favourites? Mine are Hob-nobs!

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  1. Hobnobs are good, got a nice flavour and fairly resiliant to moisture. As I've said already, caramel chocolate digestives, hold together well when hot and wet!

    04 Jan 2006, 11:07

  2. I'll say only this as to biscuit dunking… watch Peter Kay Live at the Manchester Arena…

    That is all.

    04 Jan 2006, 12:04

  3. Ginger Nuts.
    The king of dunking.


    04 Jan 2006, 12:06

  4. Chocolate digestive of the plain chocolate variety – yum yum yum…

    04 Jan 2006, 12:22

  5. Rich tea biscuits, necessary or vile?

    04 Jan 2006, 13:56

  6. Rich tea biscuits = cardboard.

    In my humble opinion.

    04 Jan 2006, 13:58

  7. nah, cardboard holds together better when damp

    04 Jan 2006, 14:05

  8. ;–P

    04 Jan 2006, 14:06

  9. I quite like rich tea biccies, but not in tea.

    04 Jan 2006, 14:22

  10. I also love Rich Tea biscuits. And I quite like them in tea but you have to be very careful – they're highly volatile.

    I would definitely also go with the dark choccie digestives – great suggestion!


    04 Jan 2006, 16:52

  11. Chcolate fingers! Or those Vienniese (ok I have NO clue how you spell that) swirly things that cost about £5 for three.

    04 Jan 2006, 18:59

  12. Dark Chocolate Digestives are soo nice!

    But caramel milk chocolate digestives for dunking!

    04 Jan 2006, 19:40

  13. I always liked to dunk Malted Milks.

    04 Jan 2006, 21:53

  14. Dunking is best avoided. Dunking in coffee is sometimes, rarely, OK (Rich Teas, Hobnobs and Malted Milks are good for this). If it was a case of tea–dunk or die, it'd have to be something without too much sugar. Maybe a nice buttery shortbread (not these sugar–covered supermarket ones).

    04 Jan 2006, 22:31

  15. Penny

    nah the best dunked are bourbon creams– mmmm!
    rich tea are really nice but you have to be really careful dunking them or you end up using a spoon!!

    04 Jan 2006, 22:53

  16. I'm reading a book about dunking at the moment (yes such things exist). Apparently you should dunk horiztonally instead of vertically to reduce the chances of breakage. I've not read which biscuits are scientifically the best for dunking yet. Personally I agree with the suggestion of caramel digestives. mmmmm.

    05 Jan 2006, 16:45

  17. Parker is right. Peter Kay has it for you dunker people.
    "dunk me…again….again…again….again….again….again, i'm going nowhere son

    05 Jan 2006, 19:05

  18. Twix…. bite the end off, dip it in, and suck your hot chocolate thru it like a giant straw

    Win :D

    05 Jan 2006, 22:52

  19. Jessica

    Peter Kay once again – rich teas are "one–dips". Classic!

    05 Jan 2006, 23:16

  20. You all need a Nice Cup Of Tea And A Sit Down!

    06 Jan 2006, 09:28

  21. Londoner

    Well apparently they worked out a formula for dunking…you don't believe me?



    06 Jan 2006, 14:30

  22. any biscuit can be dunked and should be for we all know that they are the true reason to have a cuppa.

    as a sidenote – bite both ends of a penguin bar, dip into the tea and then use it as a straw.

    07 Jan 2006, 20:11

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