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October 21, 2005

Made me laugh

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

Again, in an effort to contribute something more lighthearted…

A: The most Audacious thing you’ve ever done
I really can't think of an example… surely I can't be that dull

B: Favourite Badger joke

C: Favourite Curry
Something along the lines of a pasanda.

D: Number of drinks it takes to get utterly Drunk
As demonstrated effectively on Tuesday night, two large glasses of red wine, a V & T and a Baileys seem to do the job remarkably well.

E: Your most Effeminate characteristic
Since, according to various online dictionaries, effeminate characteristics can only apply to males I don't have any.

F: The last thing that you got for Free
A lovely Chinese meal at the Phoenix last night, paid for by our lovely colleagues at Jeol.

G: Number of times that you’ve visited a Gym
Many, though I'd much rather do something more stimulating.

H: Where you call Home
As Andy said, my spiritual home is probably the Music Centre (though I don't get to spend enough time there any more – MOAN)

I: Any Instruments that you play
Clarinets (various), flute, piano, voice (technically an instrument? I mean you'd never really say that you play the voice!).

J: Favourite Juice

K: Song that you would sing Karaoke to
Interesting. I was asked the exact same question at dinner last night and had no answer…

L: Number of times you’ve Laminated – and if you’ve achieved your laminating qualifications from the MC Office yet:
Having laminated Colin Dean's head over the top of Colin Touchin's I think I probably deserve the MC prize for laminating ineptitude!

M: (As seen on the BBC News website:) How much Money do you think you’d need to be happy?
It's interesting – everyone's answer to this has been along the lines of enough-to-keep-food-on-the-table. And mine is the same! Gosh, we're all so unmercinary (if that's a word).

N: Favourite Naan to have with aforementioned curry
Peshwari of garlic

O: Your Oldest possession
Some 200-year old editions of… some novels, can't remember which.

P: Your worst Phobia
Spiders, though I have mastered it to a certain extent – the critical turning point was when I was faced with one 2 ins across when I was in the flat on my own.

Q: Something that makes you feel Queasy:
Two glasses of wine, a V&T and a Baileys

R: Recent New Year Resolutions made, and how many still going
I gave up making them a few years back due to the repeated sense of failure every time I gave in.

S: Favourite Season
Summer – I love the long, light evenings. And autumn when the leaves start to change colour.

T: Number of cups of Tea consumed per day (on average):
I have been converted to coffee by the naughty people at work. Average consumption about 3 cups a day.

U: The most Useful lesson you’ve ever learnt:
That sometimes I'm not going to do stuff as well as I had hoped, and that I just have to get on and accept it.

V: Number of Valentines cards received (either in your life or in the last year – depending on how popular you are!):
5 in my life, 1 last year.

W: A film that can make you Weep
There are lots

X: Have you ever dyed your hair to become Xanthocomic (Blonde: link)
Nope – would be kinda pointless really. I did dye it brown and when everyone else had blonde with brown roots I was the other way round – it's surprising how odd that looks!

Y: Your Youngest memory (removed the yeti question now I’m afraid!)
Being in intensive care when I had epiglottitis just before my second birthday.

Z: Favourite animal you could see in a Zoo
Phacochoerus aethiopicus

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