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October 04, 2006

Spider woman here i come!!

Well i have wanted to join the climbing club for ages but always felt i was too heavy to do so. Now that i am about half way through the weight loss i feel ready to join. Really excited, especially as ive had to come along way to get to this point.

Tomorrow 4-6pm is a taster session so well see how i get on. How exciting!! Ive even got funky shoes and a fab furry chalk bag that i can point to good use! :D

Well i've joined after 2 years…

I went to my first meeting on Monday and for lunch today, both were really good. On monday i got to meet some new people who are friends with Ollie who was kind enough to help me go in the first place. Everyone seemed really lovely – quite exciting that i have this opportunity to strengthen and explore my faith as well as making new friends.

Lunch today was good too, met a few more people and it meant that i was there on my own – sort of had to get over a mental barrier.

January 04, 2006

When life hands you lemons…

…make lemonade!

i'm sick of lemons (all yellow and sour) and i dont really like lemonade (except with archers!),

i want oranges! (PLEASE!)

October 23, 2005

Formula 1 – Frustrations of a Kimi fan

Again my sundays are grand prix-less and I sit here and can't help but wonder how it all went wrong. Few would deny that for at least 2/3rds of this season Kimi was the man, OK Alonso fans – shut up – ur in denial, KIMI WAS THE MAN, MAN!!! Yet he still finished a miserable second in the championship, as did Mclaren in the constructor's! They say a workman shouldn't blame his tools, and although in the Mclaren Kimi certainly had the best 'tool', it was certainly flawed in reliability and I can't help but think this season woulda panned out a whole lot different had it had the reliance of the Renault.
Alas, I must remain optimistic that come february all will be fixed and for now appreciate having every other sunday free, but as they say; 'is a bird free from the chains of the skyway". Indeed.

October 21, 2005

Love to Gareth

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Legs sometimes break,
But i guess you don't need me to tell you that do you.

Laughter is the best medicine, but morphine's pretty sweet stuff eh!!!

In all seriousness take it easy mate, hope to see you back soon!!!
From me and everyone else

xxx(from the girls)

Hobnobs, the gentleman's biscuit

I love hobnobs don't ya know. I get through a pack a week without fail (yes i know what you ladies are thinking "when i open a pack of biscuits I just can't stop, especially when it's 'that time'", well I do hold myself back a little). Their crunchy tasty excellence has me addicted.

I'd be very grateful to here from any other hobnob or biscuit lovers (or irate women) as to why they're lovely.

No chocolate hobnob fans please!!!

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