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April 29, 2005

under rated #3– one–sided toast

so, for my first entry of the third term season i thought i'd go a bit crayzee and blog some coolness.. goes…

basically, this one's something you might have discovered by accident when drunk, or else in possession of a dodgy toaster…

one sided toast is ace. it really is. you just stick some bread under a grill for a few minutes and its done. voila! no need to even turn it over.. simply spread the desired yummyness on the toasted side & enjoy…
much better than regular two-sided toast from toasters- that's all dry and normal.

be different

be cool

be ace

eat one sided toast!

March 09, 2005


in a strictly non-religious sense, how much and how far should forgiveness go?

should there be limits to forgiveness? i.e. are there things that should never be forgiven?

or, is the capacity to forgive everything the measure of a truly good person?

personally, i believe that there should be limits to forgiveness in terms of self-respect and how far you let people walk over you. having said that, there are some situations that you can never judge- forgiveness depends directly on the people and circumstances involved.

a classic example: you are in a relationship and your partner cheats on you (drunk or not). should you forgive them?

again, personally i think it depends upon the person, how much you love them, whether it meant anything to them, etc. but genreally speaking, i would have to say no to forgiveness. this is because the inclination to cheat (once acted upon and forgiven) sets a precedent by which the cheater may think less of cheating again, as they think they will be forgiven a second time. (if that makes sense). so, in the interests of self respect, the relationship should be ended in order that you can move on more easily…**

however, it's the having the resolution ans confidence to act in the interests of your self respect that often proves difficult..

**obviously, in reality it depends upon the situation etc.

p.s. cheating's not ok just because zeus did it!

February 28, 2005

totally under rated!

chips with chocolate sauce!

fairly self-explanatory methinks…

February 17, 2005

sar's essay theorem #1

theorem #1:
this is the first in a series of theories about essays (hence the name)..

the basic premise of theorem #1 is that when you believe you've crashed and burned in an essay, it is more than a little likely that you'll get a high mark…roughly 76.5% likely to be precise..
however, the converse is similarly true… when you believe your essay is truly sparkly, it will invariably come back with a fail mark…97.6% in fact…

proof: my recent modes of reading essay… took an all-nighter to write total rubbish…came back with 2 marks off a first…

why? your guess is as good as mine. it's just the way it is.
sod's law or something…

February 15, 2005

belated valentine

as this bit is for my philosophical questions/answers/statements i feel i ought to begin with a topical truism…

why when you're single do attached people always ask you how many valentine's cards you've got when they know full well you've got none??

also, why do they think you have any when valentine's day is another one of those exclusive holidays, like mothers day when u have be a mother to qualify for card receivage, but for couples.

not bitter…honest

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