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April 30, 2005

i take it all back!

this is the best story about the election in the world ever!!!

big up the shire!!


April 29, 2005

make my vote count x

elections getting you down?

getting a bit bored of endless party political broadcasts & pictures of leery politicians?

well i have good news for you. i have approximately 1p's worth of a thought about this…

don't vote for labour because they smell & they haven't been particularly honest about the fact that a vote for labour is a vote for gordon brown, which might change the minds of some voters either way… they are also rubbish… did i mention they smell?

don't vote for the conservatives because you like blue. although i think they have the best chance of getting labour out, i'm not really sure any of the current "serious contenders" will really prove to be different

don't vote for the lib dems because they won't get enough votes to get labour out. a vote for the lib dems splits the overall vote against labour & therefore ensures more rubbishness

don't vote for anyone else for the same reason

instead go to and register for a change in the voting system because proportional representation may actually create a representative parliament…

end thought

under rated #3– one–sided toast

so, for my first entry of the third term season i thought i'd go a bit crayzee and blog some coolness.. goes…

basically, this one's something you might have discovered by accident when drunk, or else in possession of a dodgy toaster…

one sided toast is ace. it really is. you just stick some bread under a grill for a few minutes and its done. voila! no need to even turn it over.. simply spread the desired yummyness on the toasted side & enjoy…
much better than regular two-sided toast from toasters- that's all dry and normal.

be different

be cool

be ace

eat one sided toast!

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