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March 10, 2005

under rated #2: drinking yoghurt through a straw

surely the most fun that can be had in a very childish way?

tip try muller light cherry yopghurt through a pink straw :D

March 09, 2005


in a strictly non-religious sense, how much and how far should forgiveness go?

should there be limits to forgiveness? i.e. are there things that should never be forgiven?

or, is the capacity to forgive everything the measure of a truly good person?

personally, i believe that there should be limits to forgiveness in terms of self-respect and how far you let people walk over you. having said that, there are some situations that you can never judge- forgiveness depends directly on the people and circumstances involved.

a classic example: you are in a relationship and your partner cheats on you (drunk or not). should you forgive them?

again, personally i think it depends upon the person, how much you love them, whether it meant anything to them, etc. but genreally speaking, i would have to say no to forgiveness. this is because the inclination to cheat (once acted upon and forgiven) sets a precedent by which the cheater may think less of cheating again, as they think they will be forgiven a second time. (if that makes sense). so, in the interests of self respect, the relationship should be ended in order that you can move on more easily…**

however, it's the having the resolution ans confidence to act in the interests of your self respect that often proves difficult..

**obviously, in reality it depends upon the situation etc.

p.s. cheating's not ok just because zeus did it!

March 08, 2005

ich weiss es nicht

yay! i can do german too!.... or at least i just remembered i could.

i only studied german for two years, 5 years ago, but my two abiding memories are these rhymes:

*es regnet, es regnet,
es grunet das gras.
es regnet, es regnet,
der cuckcuck wird nass.

*siehst du sort den dukelen wald,
wo die grossen elefanten spazieren gehen,
ohne sich zu stossen.
rechts sind baume,
links sind baume,
und das schwischen, schwischen raume.
wo die grossen elefanten spazieren gehen,
ohne sich zu stossen.

*no guarantee that this is all spelt right!

you'll be singing 'em in your sleep!! :D

March 07, 2005


after a spectacular come-down from the dizzy heights of choclolate cakey goodness i suddenly realised the unpleasantness of something i like to call "life-phobia" (as yet undocumented in medical circles)...

this was, appropriately enough to the tune of halleluijah (jeff buckley's version).. it makes me very very sad (sad, but true)...

must be something in the water at the moment, or something..

if carlsberg made a chocolate cake…

then the one i made today would be it…

possibly the best chocolate cake in the world ever..


i'm not one to 'blow my own trumpet', but if there's one thing i can cook, it's chocolate cake :D

come on over & try it if you don't believe me!

March 06, 2005

f**king trains!

i hereby swear that i am never ever going to use a train unless i absolutely have to!

i went shopping in nottingham yesterday, and sometime between the time i arrived there and the time i wanted to leave, some gits vandalised the midland mainline at some point so emergency engineering works had to be undertaken. that meant no trains to anywhere back the way i wanted to go!

so there i was, faced with the choice to either spend extra money & go home (green, green lincolnshire), or to somehow find a very clever way of getting back here…

in the end, i had to wait for a bus to loughborough & stay with good friend dan 'the hat man'...

then today, i fully expected the trains to be running again. very very naive and stupid of me. i managed to get a train as far as leicester before i had to wait around for ages for a bus to nuneaton, then bus to coventry, then bus to campus…

and here i am. just alive enough to tell the tale..

so basically, the moral of this harrowing tale is not to use trains.


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