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February 15, 2005

totally jumping on the bandwagon

hurray! just what i always wanted to be!

You're a dragon. You're smart and cunning, and enjoy taking risks. Your need for independence is an advantage, but sometimes it alienates you from others. As far as good and evil, you're pretty neutral—but you may have something of a wicked streak.

just like spyro!

the comedy gold society

wooo! scientifically proven to be the best society in warwick.
the best of british comedy… what more reason do you need to join??
as the provisional social sec i can promise you the greatest socials in the world, on top of comedy marathons and the like…alcohol may also be involved.
well, let's face it, even alan partridge gets a bit funny if you're drunk enough.
see el pres. for more details!
el presidente
do it! do it now!


slight variation on the "what?!" theme…
bit of a rant about paradise lost…

to cut a long story short, why?! oh why?! subject suffering english students to the torture of paradise lost?
nice title, but is it really necessary to devote 623 pages (in my edition) to a story that takes 3 pages in the bible??
more than that, why make it so dense that it takes a lifetime to read??

bring back the aeneid, odyssey + iliad!


recently discovered this on dc++. go search for it…now

i watched it on saturday + i'm still laughing

simple things…


mmmhmm, my favourite thing in the world (almost).
just a few tips for the next year (in no particular order):

*bloc party- i know everyone's talking about them but they really are good…not like franz/keane et al

*the bravery- pretty damn funky if you ask me

*serafin- not new but sickeningly under-rated

*modest mouse- also not new but their new album is a bit ace

*2220's- can't quite put into words how fantastic these guys are…they also come from lincolnshire! (like me) :D

*maximo park- random lyrics- love it!

that's all i can think of right now..

belated valentine

as this bit is for my philosophical questions/answers/statements i feel i ought to begin with a topical truism…

why when you're single do attached people always ask you how many valentine's cards you've got when they know full well you've got none??

also, why do they think you have any when valentine's day is another one of those exclusive holidays, like mothers day when u have be a mother to qualify for card receivage, but for couples.

not bitter…honest


well this is me, on my very own blog! years of living in the dark, dark shadows of the original bloggers are finally over!
oh the wonder, the joy, the veritable euphoria!
i really feel this will make me a better person…
i'd like to thank my mum, my dad…...bless you all!

mmm…whatevs, man.

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