May 24, 2005

baton passing.. music time

so here goes, i think it was alex who passed me the baton… a challenge i am unable to resist, music being awesome n all..

amount of music on my computer? almost 17GB now, increasing all the time (not because i listen to just anything, you understand)
no idea how many hours that is.. into a few weeks back-to-back i think (but don't quote me on that)

fiveX ten most listened-to songs?

1. obviously, goes without saying, rock the casbah ** the clash
possibly one of my top-five all-time favourite songs

2. all mapped out ** the departure
probably the best new band around at the moment- streets ahead of some of the stuff around.. sadly no album as yet :(

3. she suits me to a t ** 22–220's
my favourite newish band (from the shire- my a-level english teacher is the singer's godmother!) fuinky and generally an awesome tune

4. queen bitch ** david bowie
a truly cool song, weirdly not on his greatest hits, but one of his best if you ask me

5. crowded elevator ** incubus
one of my favourite bands ever, one of their best songs ever

6. quiet ** the delays
not on their album, a rare track, but well worth the effort of looking if you can find it

7. never forget ** take that
:$ how did that get there?! my absolute favourite boy-band ever, one of their best songs too. very underrated in my humble opinion

8. tracy jacks ** blur
true-blue brit pop of the highest quality, also one of the best bands.. probably ever

9. misty mountain hop ** led zepplin
awesomely cool song B)

10. joy. discovery. invention ** biffy clyro
tuuuuune, man

hmm.. think i might have slightly miscounted there… what can i say?? i have too much music that i listen to all the time to narrow it down to just 5.. so many more to mention! libertines, placebo, ani difranco, tori amos, ben folds, eels, the coopers, tom mcrae…

online poker???

yes, that old chestnut we've all grown to know from endless internet pop-ups etc. …

well publicised i would have thought, what with numerous adverts attached to websites etc…

so someone please tell me why someone keeps leaving comments on my blog advertising "texas holdem", or whatever the sod it is??!

this blogger is officially against advertising!! (for anything like that anyways)

join my campaign!

May 17, 2005

short & sweet

i have only one thing to say:


May 01, 2005

so it's answers you want, huh?

Follow-up to hmm.. what do i want to be when i grow up? from rOcK tHe CaSbAh!

then you'll just have to wait til i've finished my business plan..

watch this space…

absolutely under rated #4: the shire!

not that i like to give the impression that i'm slightly in love with my awesome place of birth…

(just in case you don't already know what it looks like on a map)

the shire is truly the most awesome place on earth, and here are just a few reasons why:

*i live there for 22 weeks of the year (by default making it ace)

*everywhere is really pretty (except maybe girmsby..)

*all the best places are there, like lincoln castle and tattershall castle

*boston united!

*the legendary skegness

*lincolnshire sausages!

….and many many more!!

April 30, 2005

i take it all back!

this is the best story about the election in the world ever!!!

big up the shire!!


April 29, 2005

make my vote count x

elections getting you down?

getting a bit bored of endless party political broadcasts & pictures of leery politicians?

well i have good news for you. i have approximately 1p's worth of a thought about this…

don't vote for labour because they smell & they haven't been particularly honest about the fact that a vote for labour is a vote for gordon brown, which might change the minds of some voters either way… they are also rubbish… did i mention they smell?

don't vote for the conservatives because you like blue. although i think they have the best chance of getting labour out, i'm not really sure any of the current "serious contenders" will really prove to be different

don't vote for the lib dems because they won't get enough votes to get labour out. a vote for the lib dems splits the overall vote against labour & therefore ensures more rubbishness

don't vote for anyone else for the same reason

instead go to and register for a change in the voting system because proportional representation may actually create a representative parliament…

end thought

under rated #3– one–sided toast

so, for my first entry of the third term season i thought i'd go a bit crayzee and blog some coolness.. goes…

basically, this one's something you might have discovered by accident when drunk, or else in possession of a dodgy toaster…

one sided toast is ace. it really is. you just stick some bread under a grill for a few minutes and its done. voila! no need to even turn it over.. simply spread the desired yummyness on the toasted side & enjoy…
much better than regular two-sided toast from toasters- that's all dry and normal.

be different

be cool

be ace

eat one sided toast!

March 10, 2005

under rated #2: drinking yoghurt through a straw

surely the most fun that can be had in a very childish way?

tip try muller light cherry yopghurt through a pink straw :D

March 09, 2005


in a strictly non-religious sense, how much and how far should forgiveness go?

should there be limits to forgiveness? i.e. are there things that should never be forgiven?

or, is the capacity to forgive everything the measure of a truly good person?

personally, i believe that there should be limits to forgiveness in terms of self-respect and how far you let people walk over you. having said that, there are some situations that you can never judge- forgiveness depends directly on the people and circumstances involved.

a classic example: you are in a relationship and your partner cheats on you (drunk or not). should you forgive them?

again, personally i think it depends upon the person, how much you love them, whether it meant anything to them, etc. but genreally speaking, i would have to say no to forgiveness. this is because the inclination to cheat (once acted upon and forgiven) sets a precedent by which the cheater may think less of cheating again, as they think they will be forgiven a second time. (if that makes sense). so, in the interests of self respect, the relationship should be ended in order that you can move on more easily…**

however, it's the having the resolution ans confidence to act in the interests of your self respect that often proves difficult..

**obviously, in reality it depends upon the situation etc.

p.s. cheating's not ok just because zeus did it!

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