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October 23, 2011

Writing Backwards Numbers

This was the result of a weirdly disorientating exercise we did in Writing and the Practice of Literature the other day. We had to count, out loud, from a hundred down to zero as we wrote, trying to go with the flow. Trying to break through that distraction, that obstacle, and just see what words came to us; let the writing form and let the words flow through all the barriers that we had tried to erect in their path. So yup. Was interesting. And weird. And what I came out with was, as seems usual with me, but which I blame entirely upon the effect of numbers being counted down, slightly depressing. So apologies. Anyway, here it is:

This is the way we finish our lives, in an explosion of sound and colour and sight, gasping out our last breath and seeing everything. We find that everything becomes entirely clear to us in that one moment. It's the end and we are free. We are unencumbered by our worries and concerns, counting down to oblivion. Numbers. Nothing.

WPL Free Writing exercise

So, second year of the part-time Masters, and, not wanting to be cooped up on my own doing nothing but my Long Project for a whole twelve months, and because the course looked awesome and lots of fun, I decided to audit Writing and the Practice of Literature. Due to some abysmally slow traffic coming out of Kenilworth on Friday, I was late to the seminar and walked in half-way through a Free Writing exercise, where you had to just write, write anything, go with whatever came into your head first, with George calling out random words to include and telling us to write faster and faster. I have no idea what came before, but at the moment I entered the room, the class was instructed to start writing a paragraph with the phrase "I realised while I was dreaming that..." The words that we were instructed to include, if I've remembered and picked out the right ones, were "temples," "logic," and "violet." Here's what I came up with:

I realised when I was dreaming that I could not feel the earth, all its temples and cemeteries were denied to me and I floated above all logic and thought, apart from any sense of material being. I lived in a violet band between colours of a faded rainbow, the spectrum cradling me in an unreal place. I sighed.

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