February 18, 2010

Tales From Doomed Perspectives (again, serious case of first draft syndrome here – feedback please?)

Tales From Doomed Perspectives

Imagine a world where you can share the thoughts of the doomed, the damned and the soon to be dead. That world you imagine; it is my world.

Therefore I bid you welcome, and what I mean by that is; make of my world what you will. 


Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than pointing a gun in their face. 

It’s the shock. The fact that they never see it coming. That look in their eye; it’s fear. And it’s so sexy. To have that power, well, we’d give anything wouldn’t we? We pretend we wouldn’t, but we so would; we would so love to have the power God has; to take life. 

Watch them squirm. They’ll wriggle about like tortured worms. Some of them will try to beg, others will curse and damn you. But it’s all just words; they know they’ve lost all the power and they will hate you for that. It’s pitiful. 

This one is writhing about all over the place. Imploringly asking for a little humane mercy. Yet he suffers from the same affliction which has enveloped the rest of his race; ignorance.  

Ignorance; humanity is full of it. It reeks like an ungodly cesspit which has wrapped and warped itself in and around all of mankind. They may well moan and wail about “The need to end war” and “The disastrously high levels of sin in the world”, but they do nothing. They never will; for they are all sinners themselves; all of them are adulterers who have illicit affairs with whichever ideology happens to be contemporarily popular and thus cheat on whatever beliefs they once held. Because of this, the world will continue in it’s current state of turmoil, and the human race will be happily led into despotic destruction. Humankind needs to be purged of this ignorance; I am simply the purger. 

I’m going to hell for this. Don’t think I’m not aware of that.


I wonder how many of you have had the curious predicament of looking down the elongated cavernous depths of a cannon. I must admit that, thus far, it is not an experience which I am  particularly enjoying. 

It is in times like these when one would do well to remember the chain of events that brought them to such a situation. Yet it is precisely because of situations like these that it becomes nigh impossible to remember the falls and tricks of the dice that came before; when your fate is so blindingly placed before your eyes. All that becomes important is the present; the vital moments in which you may somehow be able to change the course of your apparent destiny. It is intriguing the way in which, when faced so alarmingly with one’s future, one will do almost anything to avert it. 

Perhaps I have reached the end of the line. I am helpless as they move around me like scavenging crows waiting to pick the last morsels of flesh from a stinking carcass. They prop me up, move me here and there; position me so that they can all have the best view. The peripherals of my vision have become hazy and inexact; all I am aware of is monochrome blurs.

And then I see it. A line of woodland, not too far away. It may be small, but it should be enough to provide me with some sort of hiding place; somewhere I can avoid the search parties they will send out for me. That sight is all I need. I am immediately reassured that, fortunately, I will not meet my destiny today. I have already formulated the plan. 

As one of them ignites the fuse of my deadly nemesis, I prepare myself. Just as the cannonball begins to erupt towards me; I shall fall to the ground. Then, in the chaos and confusion of cannon smoke, I will head as rapidly as possible towards those nearby trees where I will then be able to hide low for long enough to avoid being recaptured. It is simple, really. 

How could I have been so foolish to think that this could have been my end. I’m s-


Why why why do you why what why I don’t understand why you have have to do this why what are you thinking?

Just just stay calm. 

Look look I’m sorry I’m sorry please look I’m sorry I don’t I don’t understand. 

O.K. O.K.

Let me say let me let me talk please just wait and - one wait one moment - it’s just that well please let me speak let me speak let me speak to you please please please I’m begging you. I’m begging you. 

Stop please stop stop stop don’t please no it’s not that no please stop it’s easy it’s easy just stop right what you’re no you don’t need to do that please please for the love of God please stop.

I’d do anything. 

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