February 16, 2010

Flash Fiction piece –possibly to be in this upcoming assessment bonanza? Any n' all feedback please!

Okay so I've been having a bit of writers block when it comes to this assessment thing that's coming up. Came up with this idea today; basically one of those randoms ideas that sometimes come around. This one is sort of based on the idea of how the world would be different if the capitalist structures which basically control it at the moment weren't there any more, and it was written whilst listening to Sam Cooke's 'A Change is Gonna Come' on repeat (it's a grand song; if any of you haven't heard it I highly recommend that you buy the album/download it for free!!). Anyway any feedback you could give would be awesome - this truly is a first draft and thus highly likely to be the greatest of bollocks but if any of you have any ideas how I could change/improve it that would be absolutely spiffing! 

Cheers :D 

Here goes :-

The world is full of diamonds. 

Diamonds in the cities, diamonds in the countryside. Diamonds in your wallet, diamonds in your bank accounts. Diamonds in your washing machine, in your pillow case, in your mattress. Diamonds even in your cereal bowl. 

Like many things, they are - superficially - very pretty to look at. In fact, these diamonds are sublimely beautiful in the way they refract the light into shards and splinters of colour and simultaneously capture and hold the light within their structure; appearing to swell with gold. However, it is also a fact that these diamonds harbour a secret that, at it’s base, is perfectly evil. 

That secret is the end of the world; and it began almost two years ago with an heroic act of robbery. 

After infiltrating the Diamond Vaults buried deep beneath European mountain ranges, a group of disillusioned International financiers flooded the markets with the vault’s exquisite contents. Millions of tons of diamonds - some legitimately mined, others from conflict zones and others from Top secret diamond mines in Antarctica - became readily available to anyone and everyone for a miniscule fraction of their traditional value. Share prices in diamond companies became worthless and those businesses with stakes in these shares were on the verge of announcing bankruptcy within a matter of days. hundreds of thousands of workers became unemployed over night as their employers searched for a way to balance their books. 

Yet so many workers will not remain unemployed for an extended period of time simply to help the privileged few remain privileged. You see the workers did what all workers do in such situations; they unite. 

America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan; they all fell - All of them - into Anarchistic revolution. In an attempt to stem the rising number of riots it was decided that the man responsible for the initial infiltration of the diamond vaults should be held to account for the chaos he had caused. 

That man was Daniel Offen, and he now sits in a cage somewhere in the Mongolian desert; being driven slowly mad by the time that grates against his soul and the sand that grinds against his naked skin. They said that he had created Hell on Earth; so they created Hell on Earth for him. 

Creating a Hell worthy of biblical publication is no easy feat. It took time. It took patience. They first brought Offen’s loved ones and relatives before him and killed them - slowly and using implements which would inflict the utmost pain -  in front of him as he was tethered to a chair. They then took him to the solitary cage they had erected in the Gobi desert. The cage had been placed within a compound ten miles in diameter so as to allow no wand ering travelers within eye sight of the lone cage or it’s occupant. At first he screamed. He bellowed and howled and beat his face against the steel bars of his prison. He asked to be recognised as a member of humanity. They only recognised the need to exact justice.

Yet a single scapegoat was never going to prevent the collapse of the old order. After the riots had subsided the streets of previously bustling cities became empty. They remain empty to this moment, and currently the only shape moving along Wall St. is a hunched figure of a man in a grey rubber suit with a single question on his lips which he murmurs in a desperately pitiful voice

“Is there anybody here who can help me, please?”

He would do well not to speak so loudly. For there is still order in this new world. It is simply not as superficial as it once was. Now, hierarchy is dictated by the organised groups which have developed. Some of these groups use force and intimidation as their source of power; others use commonly shared appreciation of Jazz music to unite in groups too large to be intimidated. And what is at the base of this structure? What does it revolve around and grow out from? 


You see Sam Cooke was wrong; a change is never going to come. 

After all, you can never have too many diamonds. 

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