February 06, 2012

Ebay is repelling its sellers by putting restriction on their feedback ability

The latest change on eBay is that sellers cannot leave negative feedback for an abusive/false buyer. This new policy is unthoughtful and it’s going to harm the website reputation in the end because so many sellers will start to leave the site. And ebay makes money out of its selling charges. So, less sellers means less income for ebay.

So what happens when you get a deadbeat buyer and he doesn’t pay for the item, or doesn’t want the item anymore after that user pays for it? You just have to accept it, pay for the service charge and relist the item and HOPE someone buys it back for that same price? You can’t warn other sellers of buyers who don’t pay or give you a hard time.

This might be an opportunity for other web based services to replace ebay from the market by providing convenience to everybody involved. That's how people forgot about hi5 and started using Facebook.

This policy change might cause an alarming situation for ebay and its still held high reputation.

February 03, 2012

£1bn Aid to India, Britain’s Strategic Failure in Marketing

Britain gave India £1bn in aid to assist the alleviation of poverty. It seemed like a stupid (due to recession in their own country) but very generous move at that time. But after India chose France as its next lot of fighter jet producer, Britain got shocked and a whole lot of criticism broke out on India referring to their betrayal.

Apparently, India was expected to be grateful to Britain and give them the £13bn contract solely out of the gratitude for that aid.

It’s an open secret that Britain considered that aid as a tool to achieve India's financial gratitude. In another sense, it was one of their marketing strategies to win the order over France; which obviously is a failure.

Both Indian and France govt. turned out to be wiser than Britain when it comes to business. The fighter jets that Britain was offering (Typhoon) were much better than the same of France (Rafael). After realising this, cutting down their bid at the very last moment was the order winner for France.

Like all other business, arm trading is not only about the quality of the product but also about the competitive price. In this case, Britain failed to identify its customer’s requirements. Providing with a regular flow of financial aid did not satisfy any of the requirements from Indian govt as a customer for fighter jets. The requirements were a good price, a steady flow of spare parts and after sale services.

Talking about spare parts, Britain has a bad reputation in Indian Air Force due to their failure of providing spare parts for their fighter planes at the time of Kargil war. At that same time, France provided them with ample supply of spare parts for their fighter planes. As a result, the Indian Air Force considers France to be a more reliable supplier than Britain.

Britain should have considered its past failures on spare parts and focus on making strong promises to Indian govt. about their reliability and dependability rather than just expecting India to hand them the contract like a piece of cake. Rather than giving india an aid of £1bn, if they would have reduced the bid by a total £1bn then they could have had a better chance to win the bid.

Nothing political, just my own thoughts.

January 30, 2012

Incompetent customer service @ British Gas

I rent a private property for my accommodation. British Gas is the gas and electricity provider of that property. I didn't bother to chage it to other energy providers due to my lack of knowledge in this particular field. But now, all I know is, nothing can go worse than British Gas; specially their customer service.

Firstly, they sent me a business line bill, where the property I am occupying is a domestic one. As a result, the bill was almost double than it was supposed to be due to the addition of standing charges for the "business". I called their customer service to let them know about the mistake and was told to fill up a form to switch the line from business to domestic; which would take at least 48 days! The form itself came after 2 weeks!

Secondly, they sent me the same bill again even after I filled up and sent the form to them! This time a threatening letter came along with the bill saying that I would be charged £70 if I don't pay my bill on time. I called British Gas customer service again and told them that I didn't get the proper bill yet and was not willing to pay extra bill for their mistake. I was told that the system can't be changed and they can't do anything else. I was suggested to pay the extra bill and was promised to get a refund later.

Now, I don't think a important company like British Gas should use such a lame IT system that is not flexible at all.

Anyways, I paid the extra bill and waited for the refund for a month! It never came into my account.

Thirdly, on the next bill......................................the same mistake again!!!! No change at all. I was charged as a business account holder yet again. All these happened within a span of 4 months. I called the customer service and told them what happened. This time they acknowledged their mistake and promised me that they would change my account type. Within 5 days I got another bill with proper readings and all but they had included the previous bill which I had already paid!!!

What kind of people are working in the British Gas customer service??? I am very disappointed and looking for other options now. I would suggest others to do the same before going for any kind of contract with British Gas.



January 29, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Writing about web page http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1568346/

Movie image
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Not rated

It couldn't maintain the thrill that I got from the actual book, which is obvious; however it was an absolute pleasure watching the lead actors trying their best to be in their characters. Good work. I would give it a 7 out of 10.

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