December 02, 2005

End of term Sadness

Hi all,

(Disclaimer: This is a very unusual blog for me to write, kind of surprised I'm even thinking about doing it…)

I'm feeling quite low at the moment though I'm not quite sure why. It could be because I have hardly any money left, could be because I won't be drumming for a long time, could be because lots of people are going home soon, or could be because of another reason/a bit of everything.

As those who know me probably realise this is quite an unusual state for me to be in. It was so bad earlier that some people noticed I was looking a little down, and I even caught myself not smiling!

Ah well, I'm sure it will all get better soon, but I thought I'd just get it off my chest – what else is a blog like this for? (well, except for announcing you're losing leg hair, doing pointless quizzes and advertising shows!).

On the plus side: at least I did a wicked solo in Sway today, in my humble (slightly-biased) opinion at least!


November 24, 2005

Am I too loud?

Last night while drumming in a Wild Party rehearsal, I hit a cymbal and my stick snapped in half. This stick was less than a fortnight old and had only been taken out of its packet for Fame.

Am I bit too violent with the drums? Or is it because I did too many rim shots on the timbales?

November 19, 2005

After the wax



Oh dear…

November 17, 2005

Preparations for the waxing

After talking to various people more experienced than me on the whole waxing legs thing, I've now made my leg hair precisely 6mm long and exfoliated myself using the sand-like gunk shown below. Quite worried about being bald-legged soon, I'm already noticing feeling colder walking to uni!

November 13, 2005

Photos and shameless plug

I've just put up a few photos from the fireworks party and last night. School Dayz was very good fun, from playing I Have Never to giving Raquel a piggy back to Canley as her shoes were too painful!

I have more rehearsals for Fame today, in preperation for the show this week. It should be wicked (at least after the first performance), tickets are just 4.50 for students and it's in the Cooler from 2pm from Wednesday to Saturday.

See you all there!


November 10, 2005

Leg waxing

Well, it's official now, as shown by this highly sophisticated table

I'm rather dreading losing my leg hairs, so any tips on how to minimise my pain will be gratefully received. I've been told that I should get some exfoliating stuff, but don't know where I should get it let alone what to do with it…

Apart from being publicly tortured next week, life is good: I'm filling my time with Neighbours, drumming and application forms with the odd bit of maths thrown in.

I don't have much else to say except for thank you to anyone who came on Monday. It was a lot of fun playing that stuff (if you hadn't guessed that anyway), and it was good to see some recognisable faces in the audience – even if some of them only stayed for the first half!

Right, I'd better go and finish an application form now.


October 30, 2005

Drunken mistakes

I've got a strange feeling that by the end of this term I may have no leg hair left…

Ah well, at least I'll have raised some money for charity.

October 29, 2005

Life rating

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Not sure why the friends/family one isn't better, or why body's quite so high…

Captions please

October 26, 2005

What not to do with your phone

During symphony orchestra this evening we played Bernstein's West Side Story symphonic arrangement, possibly the most challenging piece I've played at university. During the rests, as often happens when my mind is trying to concentrate on something, my hands needed to do something, and I fiddled with my phone in my pocket. During the course of the first half of the rehearsal, I managed to unlock my phone, turn it off, turn it on again and then type my PIN in wrongly three times, all without me really knowing what I was doing.


I've managed to unlock my phone again now, but I found it a very strange sensation whilst it didn't work: I kept on pulling my phone out trying to check it without really thinking about it, and not being able to made me feel strangely incomplete. It was just like checking your wrist when you want to know the time, only to find it's 2 freckles past pimple since your watch is by the kitchen sink.

Well, all's better now and I'm in contact with the outside world again.

I hope you all learned an invaluable lesson on how phones should be treated,


P.S. Could you tell I've had a few drinks?

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