July 03, 2006

End of Warwick Questionnaire

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I haven’t blogged in a very long time, so thought I would using Ben’s useful format.

Best day: There are so many options for this one, but I’d have to say that each year my favourite days have been in week 10, either the Chaplaincy Ball or the Gala Concert/results day, although playing in We Will Rock You would come very close to usurping that this year…

Worst day: Any day a relationship has ended hasn’t been nice and I felt pretty down at the end of first term this year too but I don’t think there’s ever been a really bad day in all my time here…

Best decision: Saying yes to organizing a big band for Hannah which became RBB and spawned TUB.

Worst mistake: Not being on an exec after my second year and not ever going for conductor auditions (though I couldn’t really when I was the only drummer). I somehow convinced myself that I should be concentrating more on my degree…

Craziest on–campus antic: Stealing a giant bunny’s head in my first year, dragging Alicia backwards through a hedge, having an aftershock in my mouth for a few minutes and not being able to feel my teeth the next day… There are more…

Favourite place on campus: Rococos/pool area of the Union for providing a fantastic place to have a cuppa and a chat with Geoff and others.

Most painful experience: Leaving :–(

Favourite lecturers: Colin Sparrow was always very good as was Dave Wood, but my favourite would probably be John Jones teaching Algebraic Topology in my third year.

Worst lecturer: A few spring to mind, Applied Analysis chap and David Mond, but after work I’ve always managed to work out what they’ve been on about so they couldn’t have been that bad! Perhaps if they’d made some subjects a bit more interesting…

Biggest waste of time: My attempts to try to get fit while still eating 1–2 curries a week!

Most valuable use of time: Playing in MTW shows and helping people learn percussion, really enjoyed both of those.

Shortest time between beginning an assignment and handing it in: 1 hour– that foyer in Gibbett Hill was priceless in my first year.

Average time spent awake during a one–hour lecture: I don’t normally fall to sleep in lectures, but I am always 5–10 minutes late so 45–50 mins. I have walked out of a couple after a heavy night the night before too…

Number of Pub Jogs completed: Just the one I think in my first year.

Number of times drunk: Erm, lots…

Number of exams sat: Around 30–35.

Number of times expelled from Students Union: 0

Cars crashed: 0. I don’t own a car though and just drive my mum’s slightly pink one in the brief times I’m in Southampton.

Cars owned: None, though it’ll probably be one by the end of the Summer.

Friends for life: Lots of people who I’ve met over the last 4 years hopefully, I’ll have to make sure I keep the effort in to keep in touch.

Best Friends: Every year at uni I’ve been close to different people, in my first year I was probably closest to Heather, in my second to Louise, last year to Tim Snowball and obviously this year it’s Geoff.

Girlfriends: A few, managed to break the 2 month thing once but it ended after 6 months instead. I’m a rubbish boyfriend :–)

Well, that’s that then. A summary of my life at Warwick in 1.5 A4 sides… Time to go and start looking for housing for next year!


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  1. Wonder who will replace me next year :'(

    …and how do you know it's 1.5 A4 sides?

    05 Jul 2006, 20:04

  2. "A few"? Oh come on, you could give a number… if only to make me feel slightly better by the time I come to do mine! :)

    06 Jul 2006, 14:27

  3. Also have you ever noticed your blog uses the same style scheme as mine… creepy…

    11 Jul 2006, 14:08

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  • Also have you ever noticed your blog uses the same style scheme as mine… creepy… by on this entry
  • "A few"? Oh come on, you could give a number… if only to make me feel slightly better by the time … by on this entry

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