March 28, 2006

As everyone else has done it

When I woke up to my alarm at 9 this morning, I thought I'd set myself two tasks for the day:

1) Get at least half way through representation theory notes
2) Use up all my tesco vouchers

I then fell back to sleep.

After waking up at 12 I was still reasonably optimistic of completing these. However, as these things generally turn out, I actually just failed miserably, not starting work until after 5, and being 4p short on bananas to use the voucher (I did manage to use the other 5 though, as difficult as it was to force myself to buy donuts… Hrm).

So, to make sure I completed something today, I thought I'd do my first proper blog entry for a month and a bit, and since I'm not feeling particularly original, here goes on yet another quiz thing:

Played Spin the Bottle?: Yes
Played Poker with money: Yes. I really, really shouldn't though. Especially when I'm being fed alcohol at the same time
Gone swimming in a white T-shirt: Don't think so…
Been tickled so hard you couldn't talk: Yes
Liked someone but never told them: Yes. But I'm not the most subtle person in the world, so they might have worked it out anyway…
Gone camping: Yes. Love it. I'd highly recommend camping on top of a Welsh mountain with a couple of bottles of wine and some good friends.
Had a crush on your brother's friend: Yeah. Show-biz girls are often quite nice…
Walked in the rain without an umbrella: Yes. Not sure if I've ever walked in the rain with an umbrella actually…
Told a joke that nobody thought was funny: Yes. Very common.
Been in a talent show: Yes. Played Mission Impossible in a clarinet duet. Came fourth, Craig David won (bastard!)
Started laughing at someone's bedtime: Yes
Worn something your mom didn't approve of: Erm, dunno, don't think so
Been to a nude beach: No. Have been in a pedalo and gone round to see one though :-)
Drunk Jack Daniels: Yes
Cursed in a church: Yes
Been called a slut for kissing someone: Probably…
Burnt yourself with a curling iron/straightner: Nope
Wanted to be a police officer: No
Dumped someone: Well…
Been hit on by someone too old: Very scarily once, when I was playing in a concert at an over-65s meet-and-sing thing. Very, very scary…
Wanted to be a model: No
Bought lottery tickets: No
Made out in a car: Yes
Wanted something you couldn't have: Yes. Like a £4500 electric drum kit. Or a fulfilling job that won't make me sell my soul
Had sex on the beach: No
Had the drink sex on the beach: Yes
Seen someone shoplift: No
Hung up on someone: Nope. However: Been hung up on someone: yes
Yelled at your pet: No, I'm not really a yelling kinda guy
Bought a thong when the cashier was a guy: No
Tried to strip when drunk: No, except before getting in my bed to sleep…
Gotten seasick: Yes, though was a very long time ago
Had a stalker: Hrm, kinda, but not really a proper one
Played a prank on somone that had them really scared: No
Been embarassed by one of your family: Yes. Not sure if I would be now though, either because I'm more mature now or I'm just getting used to it…
Felt bad about eating meat: No
Protested: Yup, anti-war march for Iraq was last time
Been to an island: Yes
Been in love: Nope. Don't think I'd know if I was either
Eaten just because you were bored: Yes. Just as Lu said, it's my downfall (bloody donuts!)
Looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said 'aww': No. I rarely say aww. Aaay, yes. Aww, no.
Screamed in a library: No. Random question…
Made out with a stranger: Could they really be called a stranger if you were making out with them? If you had just met them earlier that night and hadn't really talked would that make them a stranger? Then yes. Otherwise no
Been Dumped: Yup, once. First ever girlfriend…
Wished a part of you was different: Yes
Asked a guy to dance: Yes, of course!
Been asked out by a really hot guy: Well, Geoff asked me along to the end of term party, so yes
Laughed so hard you cried: Yes
Went up to a complete stranger and started talking: Yes, when I was drunk
Been sunburned: Yes
Kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert: Not that I can remember
Threw up in school: Yes. Used to be really squeamish at the sight of hearts still pumping inside opened up bodies.
Received an anonymous love letter: Two valentines cards this year. I think they might not class as love letters and more as nice gestures though…
Had to wear something you hated: Yes, hate wearing suits with ties, so every interview and perhaps for every day for the rest of my life. sigh
Been to a luau: No
Saw your ex and wanted to kick his ass: Nope. Not sure I can say the same for exes who saw me
Cursed in front of your parents: Yes
Been in a commercial on tv: No
Watched a movie that made you miss your ex: Does a song from a movie count? The theme tune from the Beach still reminds me of my first girlfriend
Been out of the country: Yes
Been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk: Yup, just yesterday. He then shouted "get a haircut" out the window before making an extremely rude sign…
Went to a party where you were the only sober one: Yes, driving duties
Went on a diet: No
Been lost out to sea: No
Cheated on your bf: No, nor on a girlfriend
Been cheated on: Not to the best of my knowledge
Tanned topless: Yes
Been attacked by seagulls: No
Been searched in an airport: No
Broke someone's heart: No idea. Hope not
Sung in the shower: Yes
Bought something way too expensive: Yes. My crappy mp3 player. It's rubbish
Done something really stupid that you still laugh about: Yup. Very, very common…
Been walked in on when you were dressing: Yes
Ran out of a movie theatre because you were too scared of the movie: No. Had to run out to be sick though, see squeamishness above…
Been kicked out of the mall: Yes. Not proud of it, and it wasn't me, honest
Been mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back: Yes, never meant to but quite often I don't think about what I'm about to say before it comes out
Been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one: No. Been given detention: no. I was a good boy once…
Done something stupid when you were drunk: Yes, many many times. Got some good stories from it though…
Fell off your roof: Nope
Pretended you were scared so you could cuddle up with someone: No
Had a deer jump in front of your car:* No
Threatened someone with a water gun: Many times

Right, well that was a good time waste :-) Sorry if you managed to get this far, I didn't really say anything interesting. Perhaps I should have put a disclaimer warning of that at the start… Hrm… And look, you're still reading even though I'm still waffling, shame on you for your procrastinating! I'll stop typing now…


Edit: Made legible with some bold

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